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19 September 2023

UNIBAN, the largest banana exporter in Colombia and the sixth largest in the world, will be present at Fruit Attraction as part of its commitment to the European market.

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With an export of 36.3 million banana boxes per year, it sells up to 90% of its production to Europe. The nearly 10,000 workers on its supplying farms will benefit from the biggest wage increase in two decades.

Madrid, 2 October- Uniban, Colombia's largest banana exporter and the sixth largest trader in the world, which sells 36.3 million boxes of bananas to international markets every year, will be present at Fruit Attraction this week. Uniban markets 90% of its production in Europe and closed 2022 with figures of 295.1 million dollars in banana exports and 28.9 million dollars in plantain exports.

The company has also announced a 14% wage increase over the next four years, which will benefit around 10,000 workers on its supply farms - the largest wage increase in the last two decades - thanks to the signing of an agreement with the Association of Colombian Banana Growers (Augura). "It is a reflection of the advances in remuneration and benefits, decent and equal work standards that we have made as an industry and which have been recognised by the ILO as a team effort," said Manuel Laborde, President of Uniban.

Uniban is taking part in Fruit Attraction, the fruit and vegetable sector fair held from 3 to 5 October at IFEMA (Madrid), which brings together the world's most important producers and customers in the fruit and vegetable market. At stand 10c19 in Hall 10, the largest Colombian banana exporter, will have a space of more than 120 m2 where it will support the knowledge of bananas of origin and strengthen trade relations with current and potential customers in the European market.

Colombian bananas, a product as exceptional as coffee or cocoa

Among the agri-food products exported by Uniban, the main one is the banana of Colombian origin, which has special recognition and protection for its origin, only granted to two other products of excellence in the country, coffee and cocoa. This banana originates from the Gulf of Urabá, an area that is considered to be the best production corner in America thanks to its natural wealth and fertile lands that offer fruits of the best quality. In addition to bananas, the company also exports plantains and exotic bananas, as well as banana, plantain and cassava snacks.

Benefiting a community of 285,000 people

Uniban is a great promoter of the Gulf of Urabá area, where in addition to its activity it has provided economic support in recent years in education, economic development and community and productive infrastructure projects. This social investment benefits 285,000 people in the area: employees, family members and the community in general.

The company has planted more than 120,000 trees in the last five years, and is developing circular economy models that enable further progress in waste minimisation.

Europe, a leading market driven by export strategy

Uniban's privileged position in the European market is the result of its export strategy through its own subsidiary, TMA, located in Belgium, which imports and markets the brand in all European countries. The United States (8%) completes the company's list of major markets.

From banana to chip, making the most of bananas to create snacks

Uniban has optimised banana yield and minimised the generation of leftovers through fresh banana, plantain and cassava chips, which it markets under the Turbana brand. A tasty innovation that allows for a new consumption of the product. In addition, the Turbana workforce is made up mainly of female heads of household whose economic autonomy allows the community to grow and take root.

About Uniban

Uniban is a Colombian international trading company committed to economic, social and environmental sustainability, which produces and exports high-value, logistics-intensive agricultural products. For more than 50 years in the market, Uniban has been leading the country's agro-industrial and commercial activity, mainly in bananas, plantains and exotic bananas. Marketing, logistics, agricultural production, field services, development of new markets and corporate social responsibility are the essence of the company.


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