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01 June 2023

TROPS returns to Fruit Attraction in 2023.

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With its campaign "If it's TROPS, it's a lot of fruit", TROPS promotes the consumption of avocado and mango.

The aim is to raise awareness of the avocado and mango, which are grown by TROPS farmers with the utmost care and stand out for their high quality, excellent flavour and versatility in the kitchen. Furthermore, they are marketed in a perfect state of ripeness, so they are ready for the consumer to enjoy.

These campaigns, which are carried out nationwide, are aimed at those responsible for household purchases because they value the benefits of healthy eating by including fruit in their daily menu.

TROPS has been an expert in tropical fruit for more than 40 years and is well aware of the importance and care of each stage of the avocado and mango's life cycle. The demand for and commitment to quality has led them to integrate the entire process within the company in order to guarantee the premium quality of their products. The control from production, harvesting, packaging, marketing and distribution allows them to have a 360º management of the whole process, and guarantee the consumer a high quality product,

exquisite taste and ready to eat.

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Avocado commercial:

 Mango commercial: