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01 June 2023

The ORRI variety is celebrating its 10th anniversary and a new image.

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The next edition of Fruit Attraction 2023 will see the official presentation of ORRi's new image with a renewed design and with a striking and fresh image like this mandarin.

This new image seeks to give ORRi mandarins an identity as a variety and not as a brand, combining ORRi's notoriety with the most prestigious premium brands on the market.

For the members of the ORRi family, as well as for Fruit Attraction, which is celebrating its 15th edition, this is going to be a very special edition. The queen of mandarins, as it is called, celebrates 10 years of its European protection and we want to celebrate it with all those who like to enjoy the delicious flavour of the ORRi mandarin.

We are waiting for you all at the ORRi stand, where there will be different activities to promote the new image with lots of surprises. It will be a meeting point for all members of the value chain who are passionate about the flavour of ORRi mandarins to share their experiences with us. There will also be tastings, where people will be able to share and learn first-hand about the excellent organoleptic characteristics of this premium variety, which stands out for its ease of peeling, its low seed content and its unmistakable and delicious flavour.

The Orri Running Committee (ORC) is convinced that there are still many commercial opportunities to be explored, given the excellent organoleptic qualities of the variety, its ease of consumption and its healthy attributes, as well as its extraordinary shelf life that facilitates its export to multiple markets.

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