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19 September 2023

AGROBANK`s value proposition

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AgroBank's value proposition combines the development of the best products, services and tools adapted to the needs of farmers, livestock farmers or cooperative members, as well as close and comprehensive advice, not only with financial support, but also offering joint planning, training assistance and specialisation to provide a truly useful service.

To achieve this, CaixaBank's more than 3,000 agricultural managers have extensive knowledge of the sector and undergo continuous and specialised training. The AgroBank managers in all the bank's Territorial Divisions have specific knowledge based on the types of crops and livestock in each town, and the risk teams are specialised in their areas of influence so that they have a very close knowledge of customers' needs and understand their financial flows. 

The second vertical is the most complete catalogue of products, services and tools on the market, without forgetting the strong capacity for specialised financing, such as confirming and factoring, or foreign trade activity. Specific products for conversion to organic or for the transformation of olive groves are some of the new products for the 2022 financial year that are already part of the new catalogue. 
The third pillar is the actions to promote the sector where, through the Agro Community, customers and non-customers will have access to all the information that make AgroBank a reference in the sector, such as participation in fairs and conferences, the 'AgroBank Chair of Quality and Innovation in the Agri-Food Sector' of the University of Lleida or the 'Women, Business and Rural World Chair' with the University of Castilla-La Mancha. In addition, the entity is committed to plans to promote generational change in the sector for young farmers, focusing on the use of new technologies, with training in innovation, digitalisation and sustainability.  
The last vertical of AgroBank's value proposition is AgroTech, to accompany customers in the transition to an agricultural sector of the future, based on innovation, digitalisation and sustainability. Initiatives include the AgroBank Tech Digital INNovation programme for accelerating start-ups specialising in the agricultural sector, the partnership with the EIC and the launch of the Agro Digital Toolkit.

AgroBank also collaborates actively with the main organisations in the sector - both nationally and regionally - through collaboration agreements, and also with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, with which in 2022 it signed an agreement to promote innovation, the inclusion of rural women, training in rural areas through CaixaBank Dualiza and rural entrepreneurship together with MicroBank, the largest microcredit institution in Europe.

Pack Digital AgroBank- Digital Toolkit Agro
What is the Digital Toolkit? 
The Digital Toolkit is an initiative of the Spanish Government within the NextGeneration EU plan aimed at boosting the digital transformation of companies. It aims to help you evolve and optimise your business by subsidising the implementation of digital solutions.
The AgroBank Digital Pack
This pack provides a unique solution for sustainable resource management and agro-climatic data analysis and interpretation. With the virtual office, process management and business intelligence and analytics kits, you will increase crop efficiency and make better decisions in field management. 
    Agro Virtual Office Kit: follow your crops through satellite images with collaboration between technician and farmer.
    Kit Agro Process Management: digitise the carrying out of treatments and work in the field with agro-climatic indicators and advanced cost management.
    Agro Business Intelligence Kit: you will be able to exploit agro-climatic data that affect your crops to improve decision-making.
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