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27 April 2023

SERFRUIT and GIRO present BOX-IT: the new boxing machine as a spearhead

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In recent years, Giró has opened the door to a range of high cadence products: Speed Line.

This product family consists of packaging lines with outputs of up to 80-100 bpm, depending on the elements chosen, the format and the weight of the bag.

After renewing the entire set of machines, the last one to be updated was the automatic case packer.

For this reason, during 2022 Serfruit and Giró have been jointly developing a new case packer that takes over from the other machines in the Speed Line range: the new BOX-IT case packer.

This case packer combines all the attributes requested by the market, making it an excellent alternative for those customers who want to optimise productivity by automating the end of line.

The BOX-IT has the capacity to case between 80 and 100 bags per minute.

Among others, the main features of the BOX-IT case packer are:

  1. Easy operation and creation of new configurations.
  2. Checkweigher with two buffer boxes for consecutive boxes with off-target weight.
  3. Capacity to work with 600x400mm and 400x300mm cases.
  4. Protections and alarms for maximum security.

At the end of 2022, the first prototype was completed and has already been installed in a warehouse for market testing. The BOX-IT case packer is expected to be available by mid 2023.

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