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19 September 2023

PLASTIMOL, plastic big box manufacturer

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Discover the large-volume BBOXs with capacities from 368 to 676 litres, made of premium polymers and suitable for food use.

The large volume BBOXs are suitable for both agriculture and industry and feature a unique design that allows the containers to be fully configurable and customisable.

The design of their walls, in addition to having 20% more aeration than conventional models, allows for 8% more load in each container. Stack them up to 8 high and increase your storage capacity to the maximum level.

The collection also has two innovative models that amortize transport better than standard models, since thanks to their measurements they manage to optimize the load of goods in each transport.

Find out more about the features that make our BBOX the best choice for transport and collection:

➡Geometry specifically designed to minimise breakages in columns.

➡Impact and compression resistant.

➡Avoids breakage due to forklift shocks.

➡Concave profile limits bottom deformation.

➡Avoids breakage at the top.

➡Facilitates tipping.

➡Optimises product ventilation.

Access the BBOX catalogue here:

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