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19 September 2023

NOVAGRIC builds the largest greenhouse in Spain in a single module

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Looije Aguilas decided to build a new greenhouse module in Murcia of 7.3 hectares in a single unit, the largest built in Spain in recent years.

"Our main objective is to grow a good quality tomato for 12 months of the year. O.P. Looije has a strategic plan until 2026. Therefore, one of the partners, Looije Aguilas, decided to acquire 27 hectares to build greenhouses in different phases from 2019, Novagric has also developed these projects. "Jacqueline, managing director of Looije Aguilas, tells us. Looije and Novagric managers planned the project to start planting in the third week of August. "We hope to increase production from 21-22 to 27 kg per square metre with this new greenhouse". These companies have been working together for more than ten years and share the search for technical optimisation to obtain high yields with the best quality.  Juan Pardo, technical greenhouse manager at Novagric, tells us that they are in the final phase of this third project. "We have designed a new technological greenhouse adapted to the client's needs, where optimisation of solar radiation is a priority in order to achieve high yields and quality in a hydroponic cherry tomato crop. In Spain, it is not usual to build a 7.3 hectare greenhouse in a single module, but Jacqueline lists its advantages: It is more efficient because I only need one organisation to manage the greenhouse. Also, I only have to manage the climate in one greenhouse. If I had three, I would need three climate systems.

After six months of harvesting, the start has been excellent "The production is 5-10% higher than we expected thanks to the good climate control created in this greenhouse" says Jacqueline, despite the fact that temperatures reached 41 degrees in summer and low temperatures during the winter in this area. Finally, Jacqueline underlines her satisfaction with this greenhouse. "We have to say that the quality is really good and homogeneous. We planted on time, as Novagric met the project deadlines and was always available to answer all our questions". Thanks to this new installation, Looije is improving the quality standards of the final product that consumers buy in the supermarket.

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