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29 June 2023

MELONES EL ABUELO the original flavour and essence of the melon

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This new campaign invites us to reflect on how, with the passing of time and the evolution of technology in agriculture, the traditional flavour of "Melones el abuelo" has been maintained

Melones el Abuelo launches its promotional campaign for the piel de sapo melon under the claim "Inicios" (Beginnings). An exaltation of the melon's flavour, as well as a reflection on the technological advances in agriculture, which allows us to evoke memories of the past.

This new initiative by Melones El Abuelo is yet another example of its commitment to communicating the values it considers fundamental and which are at the heart of its business philosophy. Passion, tradition and teamwork are the pillars that have guided Melones el Abuelo throughout its history and which continue to be a priority in its day-to-day work.

Likewise, this season, it is grateful for the dedication of the growers in the areas of Almeria, Murcia and Castile-La Mancha, where its melons are grown during the national season. "Inicios" is made up of a series of videos in which different farmers of different ages will give us a first-hand look at the history of the evolution of melon cultivation. Consumers will be able to discover through these videos the evolution of technology within the agricultural sector, but also how the commitment and passion of the farmers help to ensure that the flavour is always maintained over time.

"Inicios" can already be enjoyed on  YoutubeFacebook and Instagram, as well as on the web. For more information on the initiatives to be carried out, visit

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