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29 June 2023

LIVENTUS: A company specialising in post-harvest, controlled atmosphere and packaging solutions.

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Liventus is a company dedicated to the development of technologies and packaging solutions to stabilise the quality of produce from the orchard to the destination market, no matter how distant.

Their primary motivation is to reduce global waste by extending the shelf life of fruit. By increasing the window to market fruit in good quality and extending its shelf life, they contribute to reducing the amount of fruit discarded in production and export, resulting in more food and less waste for the world.

At Liventus, they have developed additional solutions that add to their core offering, such as specialised bags that increase relative humidity and reduce weight loss of fruit during the export process, helping to prevent dehydration and maintain quality. Since 2020, they have launched different types of bags tailored to their customers' markets and needs, and will continue to expand their product line to benefit more exporters and commodities.

In terms of operations, they reaffirm their readiness to serve any country or port in need of their solutions. They have developed markets in Peru, Mexico, Colombia and South Africa, and from these countries they have expanded to nearby markets, transporting commodities such as avocados, grapes, cherries, blueberries, mangoes, bananas, and more, worldwide. They continue to expand their capacity to anticipate demand growth.

Their offering is based on controlled atmosphere (CA) technology and packaging solutions, but their comprehensive offering encompasses technical and commercial advice, research, commodity management software development and other technologies needed to solve post-harvest problems. They understand that production and export in each country has its particularities, so they offer specific value propositions adapted to the needs of each exporter, to address the problems of the fruit individually.

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