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12 September 2023

Lettuce Attraction, the global event for lettuces and salads

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Lettuce is the Star Product of Fruit Attraction 2023. This prominence will be reflected in the celebration of 'Lettuce Attraction: a global celebration of leafy veggies', organised by PROEXPORT, the association that brings together most of the lettuce producers in Spain.

From 3rd to 5th October, and in different locations at the IFEMA MADRIDexhibition centre, visitors to Fruit Attraction will be able to enjoy a full programme of activities that reflect the productive, commercial and gastronomic importance of one of the most widely consumed vegetables in the world and of which Spain is the world's leading exporter: lettuce.

Professionals will be surprised by a huge living lettuce garden (over 50 m2), located on the terrace of the Central Avenue, between halls 5 and 6. Proexport has collaborated with the Prima-Ram company, an expert in advanced irrigation systems, to recreate an agricultural farm at the fair to show how this product is grown in southeast Spain, with different types of varieties, probes, irrigation technology and sustainable practices.

The Factoría Chef space (halls 6 and 8 connecting nuclei) will host five spectacular showcookings, led by renowned chefs, which will show why lettuce is the star in all kitchens. Lettuce snack: the cool spoon', organised by Rijk Zwaan; Vegtteleria by Florette: The'freshness from the garden turned into a liquid trend', or 'Different salads',by Primaflor, will be some of the shows that give all the prominence to lettuce as a healthy culinary product.

And for production and retail professionals who want to know the keys to success in the lettuce and leaf industry, the afternoons of Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th will see interesting presentations and discussions with some of Europe's leading growers and experts. They will take place in the 7-9 connecting nuclei, where most of the Spanish lettuce producers are located.

Lettuce Attraction is organised by Proexport and its associated producers, in close collaboration with Fruit Attraction and FEPEX. It is sponsored by the 'Invest in Murcia'programme of the Instituto de Fomento de la Región de Murcia, as well as the BASF, Ramiro Arnedo, Enza Zaden and Rijk Zwaan seed companies.

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