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09 May 2023

Interview with Jorge F. Brotóns, President of FEPEX and of the Fruit Attraction Organizing Committee.

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We spoke with Jorge F. Brotóns, president of FEPEX and the Organizing Committee of Fruit Attraction.

On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Fruit Attraction, we interviewed Jorge F. Brotóns. In this interview, he talks about how the idea of Fruit Attraction was born and the difficulties that this great project entailed in 2009 in the midst of the financial crisis; "Setting it up was a bit of an outlandish idea but the truth is that when times are bad, sometimes they are also times of opportunity...".

He also explains how it has evolved over the last 15 years; "I think the big leap was when we went from 350 exhibitors in 2009 to 1500 in 2017. A growth since the beginning of 325%". "From then on, we can say that the trade fair was fully consolidated and that it was competing with the most important international trade fair, that of Berlin".

Jorge F. Brotóns highlights the importance of Fruit Attraction as a showcase for the Spanish fruit and vegetable sector in Europe; "...our main market is Europe and we are also directly linked to all the chains, this commercial relationship already existed, but Fruit Attraction has Fruit Attraction has served to consolidate these relationships and to enhance them; to have a meeting point..." and what is the main selling point of Fruit Attraction; "The trade fair is a totally professional fair".

In addition, in this interview, he talks about what the main novelties of the trade fair will be highlighting that; "There will be a non-stop flow of novelties, our sector is a very lively and innovative sector".

He also indicates that; "The goal of the fair is the participants, I believe that nobody is left out and in the end the fair can grow, above all, due to the participants from other countries".

At the end, Jorge F. Brotóns emphasises, when asked if Fruit Attraction has any limits, that; "We can't say that we have reached the end, we have to always keep our eyes open" "... and always be open to change and improvement".

15 years Fruit Attraction