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02 September 2023

Interview with Clara Aguilera, MEP

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We spoke to Clara Aguilera, MEP

On the occasion of Fruit Attraction's 15th anniversary, we interviewed Clara Aguilera. In this interview, she talks to us about the beginnings of Fruit Attraction and how it has changed since then; "Like all fairs, they start slowly, with a more limited participation..." and she highlights that the fair "has grown exponentially because from the first fair it was clear that it was already going to be a success".

We also spoke to her about how the way of doing business at the event has evolved over the years; "It has changed. I've had the opportunity, I've been to many of them and I've seen more and more professionalism".

She also shares with us how the profile of visitors and companies has evolved in this forum, which is the trade fair, for presenting new products; "There is a professional interest above all".

Clara Aguilera highlights some of the changes that the fruit and vegetable sector has undergone over the last 15 years; "Our export sector is growing, improving, investing and improving". "It is one of the most dynamic sectors there is and it has a very important capacity for survival and resilience". 

To conclude, when asked about the strong points of Fruit Attraction and what novelties can be incorporated, he emphasised that "the new challenges that have to be tackled are the ones that are being taken on and that they should continue above all with professionalisation and with the good development that is going on, without getting carried away by other things".

Interview Clara Aguilera