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19 September 2023

ILIP is a member of the ILPA GROUP, an European leader in the processing and transformation of plastic and bioplastic raw materials.

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Ilip is a member of the ILPA Group, an European leader in the processing and transformation of plastic and bioplastic raw materials. We develop, and make available to retailers, food service and the fresh produce and food industry, innovative and sustainable packaging solutions, in thermoformed plastic and bioplastic and renewable and compostable materials.

We operate with three business units: FOODSERVICE PACKAGING; FRESH PRODUCE PACKAGING; FRESH FOOD PACKAGING. The assortment of our Fresh Produce packaging includes punnets, trays and fruit nest trays made from recycled plastic (R-PET), PP and bioplastic designed to protect, enhance and preserve the freshness of fruit and vegetable, to meet any need, in any situation. A range of sustainable packaging solutions that ensure optimal protection for the food, prolong its shelf life, reduce food waste and have a lesser impact on the environment.

We are among the very few European Groups that can ensure total control and a closed loop on PET recycling, including all the different production stages: from post-consumer material selection, to the washing, grinding, extrusion and thermoforming operations required to produce new food packaging made from r-PET.


PUNNETS: Ilip proposes a full range of punnets, lids and clamshells in PP, r-PET and PLA, with capacities from 125g to 2000g. Suitable to contain all types of fruit and produce and designed to offer protection and freshness to packers and retailers, maximum safety and ease of use to consumers. The heat-sealable punnets in Ilip’s Life+ line minimise raw material consumption and improve product protection, freshness and sustainability.

TRAYS: Trays in PP, R-PET and PLA to preserve the freshness of fresh produce, from whole fruit and vegetable to fresh cut. Manufactured according to the highest standards of quality and hygiene and compatible with any automated packaging line. Particularly innovative is tray B19NR, which weighs 20.7% less than the previous model but ensures much higher resistance to compression. This is eco-design: more performance with less use of raw materials.

FRUIT NEST TRAYS: Ilip proposes an assortment of fruit nest trays, made of recycled or bio plastic, available in various sizes, calibres and colours to ensure that each single fruit gets the protection it deserves and the best appearance when displayed. Exclusive technical details and a vast global distribution network make Ilip’s fruit nest trays leaders of the fruit and vegetable sector.


ILPA is a concrete example of circular economy, the only group in Europe to have integrated vertically its RPET manufacturing cycle, from post-consumer bottles to new food

packaging solutions, while ensuring the origin and traceability of the material. Ilip is in charge of the last step in the process: thermoforming the sheets to make RPET food packaging.

ILIP and the ILPA Group companies, with a recycling capacity of 60,000 tonnes of PET per annum, help:

•          reduce the environmental impact of the products they recycle and those they manufacture

•          achieve the Italian plastic packaging recycling targets, operating in their territory of choice, Emilia-Romagna

•          achieve Europe’s circular economy targets

T2T R-PET® is the acronym of “tray to tray” in recycled PET, of R-PET trays produced by recycling post-consumer R-PET or PET trays. This pursues the goal of the “closed loop”, not only within the ILPA Group, thanks to the vertical integration of recycling, but also thanks to the recycling of PET food packaging. All ILIP’s R-PET packaging is produced not only with bottles, but also with recycled PET trays and punnets.

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