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01 June 2023

HINOJOSA is leading the change towards more sustainable packaging solutions for the agri-food industry.

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Once again this year, Hinojosa will be presenting its new sustainable packaging solutions for the agri-food industry at the Hinojosa Packaging Group stand at Fruit Attraction 2023.

The agri-food industry is currently facing a number of challenges: the need to reduce costs and optimise transport, to adapt to increasingly unpredictable consumer demand, and to face regulatory changes and new consumer trends focused on sustainability.

The European Union, through the corresponding directives, is restricting the use of single-use plastics in food packaging. A regulatory change that joins the consumer trends that, for some time now, have been favouring more sustainable products.

At Hinojosa we have spent years analysing this trend, which is now a reality, and we have made great progress in the development of sustainable packaging systems as an alternative to single-use plastic. The result of this is the heat-sealable trays for fruit and vegetables, an innovative registered system that is already present in large-scale distribution.

The heat-sealable cardboard trays are one of the best and most sustainable alternatives to the traditional plastic basket for fruit and vegetables.

Their structure allows for the incorporation of a thin sheet of heat-sealed film on the upper part to protect the product. A process that can be carried out with the machines that agricultural companies have in their facilities for plastic trays.

In addition, it is an excellent communication tool between the producer and the end customer as it is made of cardboard, allowing direct printing on the packaging. Hinojosa's wide range of printing techniques allows maximum customisation of the finishes to ensure that the brand image is impeccable and that it transmits the values of the companies to their consumers.

For more than 75 years, Hinojosa has been developing innovative solutions with features that solve the main challenges of agri-food producers: reduction of storage time, increase in transport capacity, optimisation of food preservation and greater efficiency in stock management, among others.

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