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29 June 2023

GRUPO AUTOR and its processing and distribution centre

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Currently, Grupo Autor is one of the most important producers and marketers of melon and watermelon in the Spanish market. For this reason, the brand pays special attention to the production of its fruit, as it is a meticulous process that requires monitoring and special care at every stage, from cultivation, harvesting, packaging and distribution.

The Group has a processing and distribution centre located in El Puig, Valencia. This building has more than 10,000 m² and has loading bays, a refrigeration area, a transit area and clean rooms for the processing of 4th range products, dehydrated products and other products.

In addition, they also have a specific R&D area where they continuously research and test new products, new solutions and sustainable packaging models that improve the products and the experience of the end consumer. The machinery they work with is designed to guarantee product quality at every stage. All machinery is designed to guarantee product quality at every stage. They have touchers to measure the sound of the product, calibration and padding belts, automatic palletisers, among others. They have different machines, especially created for watermelons and others for melons, as well as a specific production line for each fruit.

 In Grupo Autor they are aware that the quality of Foodie Watermelon and Melon de Autor, two premium fruits, depends to a large extent on the machinery they use in their production. For this reason, they make sure they have the best tools and the best trained personnel to guarantee excellence at every stage of the production process.

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