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19 September 2023

GREGAL S. COOP, new products to be highlighted at Fruit Attraction 2023

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One year after the presentation of our new logo, this renewed image contrasts with the tradition that characterises our products. However, these two realities mutually nourish each other and are perfectly complementary. At Gregal S. Coop. we are committed to products based on tradition and respect for our land, but from an innovative perspective. That is why we collaborate in different research projects, focusing on new products of great organoleptic quality. The basis is the product. Ensuring its freshness, the fruit of our efforts during its handling.

Among the novelties or products that we would like to highlight is the Choi Pack. This is a reference that has seen great growth in recent years. It is marketed from November to April. It is harvested entirely in the field, both in bulk and in flowpack and so we can guarantee greater freshness of the product and less handling, thus guaranteeing a longer shelf life.

Similarly, for the last four seasons, Gregal has also been committed to growth in Kohlrabi. This is a very characteristic product in the German market but it is becoming increasingly popular in more and more European countries. It is marketed from November to May. It is mostly harvested in bulk and in the field, which also guarantees freshness and a very long shelf life. As a curiosity, this product can be eaten with or without leaves. Depending on the culinary traditions of each region.

And finally, one of our star products is Celery sticks. Traditionally associated with the British market, it is gaining more and more followers outside the UK.

There are many advantages to this product (less transport, better use...) and it can even be cross-sold with sauces, mayonnaise, yoghurts for dipping, etc...

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