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19 September 2023

GABACERAS launches sustainable labelling.

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Gabaceras was born in the Aridane Valley, one of the best productive areas of the islands and which is currently recovering after the eruption of the volcano of La Palma. The brand has been characterised by representing high quality bananas from the Canary Islands, certifying both the processes and the product, and committing to agriculture that respects both the farmers and the environment.

Therefore, the company has decided to go one step further and, apart from offering a sustainable product in terms of its cultivation and processing, it will also do so in its labelling. The sticker is made from renewable resources and certified as compostable.

The important thing is not only to simplify recycling, but also to take into account the work and commitment to the environment: the search for more sustainable and efficient alternatives in the different packaging has been one of the focuses of the product development team for years. Gabaceras was the first brand to offer a taped Canary Island banana in its day, giving supermarket chains and greengrocers the possibility of minimising shop shrinkage due to handling bunches while at the same time reducing plastic by 90%. The brand is now also offering in its ecological range a paper wrapping in line with the company's philosophy and cultivation.

This measure is in line with the company's objectives. Europlátano has always been very aware of the concept of circular economy to protect the environment while at the same time creating value for its products. For example, in the packing centre itself, the organic waste generated during the process is crushed and reused as fertiliser on the farms, thus closing the circle.  

Labelling is key in the sense that it gives consumers a guarantee of the quality and origin of the product. With this initiative, some 12,000,000 plastic stickers will no longer be produced and marketed, another small gesture that adds up to caring for our planet.
Consumers increasingly value the commitment of companies to the environment. Europlátano's main objective, which is to work towards sustainable, profitable and fair agriculture, is completely in line with consumer trends. For this reason, it is essential to offer its clients products with a positive environmental impact.
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