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01 June 2023

FRUITS RÀFOLS returns to Fruit Attraction with its own brands: Helenia, Paso Lagarto, Fragaria and Mantiana.

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Fruits Ràfols will once again be present at one of the biggest international events dedicated to fruit held every year: Fruit Attraction.

As in previous editions, Ràfols will have its own stand where it will present the company's main new products for this event. Furthermore, the presence at this fair is an opportunity for professionals and visitors to get to know Helenia (kiwi), Paso Lagarto (avocado), Fragaria (berries) and Mantiana (apples), Ràfols' own brands.

These denominations are more than just a name, as they represent products of superior quality, which reach the consumer's table in the best conditions, because the company supervises every step of the process: from the cultivation in the field, its transport until it reaches the Mercabarna stops, and from there to the shelves of the best greengrocers.

The event is also special for Ràfols, because the Fragaria strawberry has been awarded the title of best flavour of the year for the third year running, a distinction awarded by consumers who, through a blind tasting, choose the best product, evaluating the appearance, flavour and texture of the fruit.

The recognition and trust of consumers is important, but it would not be possible if Ràfols did not comply with quality requirements in each and every one of its work processes. The company has obtained the IFS Wholesale Plus V2 (Higher Level) quality certificate, a demanding certification which only around ten companies in Spain have. The assessment analyses specific points of the work system, customer service, including management responsibility, the quality and product safety management system, resource management, the main processes, measurements and control of food fraud, among other aspects.

Ràfols is one of the main leaders in importing international brands, some of which are well established in the market and others less well known. Its catalogue is varied, including fruit from selected suppliers, under the quality standards of the Ràfols brand.

In short, Fruits Ràfols is presenting itself this year at Fruit Attraction with a commitment to quality and care in production. The company's figures each year endorse its success at this event: it has 1,540 European clients, 248 suppliers, 500 references on the market, 55 families of fruit sold, 30 employees and 3,000 square metres of facilities in Mercabarna.

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