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29 June 2023

Interview with Daniel Velo, financial director and partner of La Canastita, Plus Berries

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We spoke with Daniel Velo, financial director and partner of La Canastita, Plus Berries.

On the occasion of Fruit Attraction's 15th anniversary, we interviewed Daniel Velo. In this interview, he talks to us about how Fruit Attraction has evolved since its beginnings; "There has been a super important evolution, it was a tiny fair". "Today, after 15 years of being at the fair, it has become an explosion of a fair on an international level".

Daniel Velo emphasises; "We don't conceive of the fair only to sell a product, we conceive of the fair as a showcase for our new products, our varieties, our concerns, how we approach the future...".

We also talked with him about how the way of doing business has changed and how we work to make the most of time; "The way of doing business has matured in line with the evolution of the times". "It is true that in the end, commercial relationships become personal relationships and, well, we exhibitors, what we are looking for at the fair is to have that meeting point...".

He also shares with us what image they want to project of their work and what tools they use to do so; "At Plus Berries we have very important research programmes both at a varietal level, at a health level and at a level of how to be more sustainable over time". "We have to be competitive in a scenario where production costs are increasing, where we have to compete with other countries where production costs are much lower and the tools we have are professionalisation, innovation and R+D".

To conclude, Daniel Velo emphasises, when asked how he has contributed to the development of the fair and how his growth has affected the organisation, "We have always been doing our bit in terms of the vision from one year to the next to see precisely those points of improvement and I see that the evolution has been the right one".

We spoke with Daniel Velo