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19 September 2023

ENDINAVA enters the world of endives in 1977.

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Endinava enters the world of chicory thanks to its founders, the brothers Julio and Faustino Calvo.

After several difficult years, we finally got our own production technology. Endinava's chicory is grown indoors in hydroponic cultivation rooms. Endinava produces chicory 365 days a year. Currently our line of work is focused on producing long shelf life and high quality chicory.

In 2012 we started a new project: lettuce grown in water pools. This product is marketed with root, which keeps it fresh for much longer. In just over a year, Endinava has launched several types of live lettuce such as Batavia, Oak Leaf, Lollo and the famous Salanova® Trocadero on the market to great consumer acclaim.

After more than 10 years of marketing our live lettuces, we can say that they are very well established in the HORECA CHANNEL, and the satisfaction of both our distributors and our end customers is very good. With our live lettuces we ensure that the lettuce stays fresh for much longer, increasing its shelf life. With this cultivation system, our lettuces only use as much water as they need, thus reducing the consumption of a traditional crop by up to 3 times.   

The last project in Endinava started 5 years ago, and it was the cultivation of organic figs and figs. Adapting to what the market demands, thinking about sustainability and care for the environment. Our brand Bigos is increasingly present in the markets and is very well accepted by distributors and end consumers.

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