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19 September 2023

EMBALPACK LEVANTE has succeeded in manufacturing a high quality 100% recyclable cardboard corner piece.

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After several years of research and development, Embalpack Levante has succeeded in manufacturing a high quality, 100% recyclable cardboard corner piece that can be used in direct contact with liquids without losing its strength.

Following the demand of some customers who need to humidify their products after palletising, the use of the -Ecocorner Hydro- corner piece allows a correct protection of the product, which is not affected by being stored in very humid environments for prolonged periods of time.

Corner protectors are an important part of the packaging, which is placed on the corners of many items to protect them during handling and transport.   This product is in high demand in the food and horticultural sector where goods are stored in cold stores with high humidity.

To date, most of the edge protectors used in very humid environments are made of mixtures of plastics, aluminium and other materials, which are difficult to recycle. With the Ecocorner Hydro, made of waterproof cardboard materials and water-soluble glues, a differentiated product is achieved that solves the environmental problem and meets the requirements of customers for this type of environment.

With the creation of the Ecocorner Hydro, made of 100% recyclable cardboard, Embalpack Levante demonstrates its commitment to environmental awareness and sustainability, maintaining its competitiveness and leadership with an innovative, efficient and sustainable product that clearly brings a significant improvement to the packaging sector.

Embalpack Levante, with more than twenty years of experience, specialises in the manufacture of cardboard corner protectors, adapting to all kinds of needs, both in the industrial and agri-food sectors. Currently, its headquarters are located in the Valencian town of Favara and its corner protectors are present throughout Spain and in more than twenty countries.

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