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19 September 2023

HOLLAND FRESH GROUP: Don't miss out to discover the latest trends and innovations of the Dutch Experts - Hall 6 Fruit Attraction 2023!

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The Netherlands is an important player in the international trade in fruit and vegetables and plays an important role in the trade in fruit and vegetables in Europe and overseas. The advanced infrastructure, high quality and wide range, the technological advancements, market access, and trading relationships makes the Netherlands an important trading partner for companies in this sector. Spain is a very important customer for Dutch companies. The collaboration between the two countries allows for efficient trade, access to advanced technologies, and expanded market opportunities, benefiting both parties involved.

The Holland Fresh Group is excited to announce that we will be organizing the Dutch Collective Pavilion at Fruit Attraction 2023. We invite you to visit our pavilion, in Hall 6 with stand 6C08/6C10/6C12 /6D08/6D10 to experience what the Dutch fruit and vegetable sector has to offer.  Known for a long tradition of knowledge sharing and collaboration with other countries, which has led to the development of best practices in horticulture that are used around the world.

Dutch traders in fruit and vegetables know how to source first-class produce from around the globe and combine it with fresh produce from the Netherlands in order to deliver a wide range of first class products. They are specialised in the domestic wholesale, import, export, treatment, processing, packaging, storage and transhipment of fruit and vegetables. For a small country, the Netherlands is big in producing and supplying fruit and vegetables from Dutch soil, Dutch glasshouses or anywhere else in the world.

Overall, Dutch horticulture offers a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and innovative technology that can help to improve the efficiency and sustainability of Feeding the world together. Our participants are specialised in different products and have different expertise about fruit, vegetables and mushrooms and form packaging till greenhouse building and logistics. Pleased to meet you and help you to fulfil your needs:

Looking forward to meet you @Fruit Attraction Madrid. Don't miss out to discover the latest trends and innovations of the Dutch Experts Dutch collective pavilion - hall 6!

Please contact Muriel Halling, for more information - or visit the website of Holland Fresh Group

More information about the Dutch sector, click here or visit the website for more information about the Dutch agricultural sector in an international context.

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