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19 September 2023

VOJVODINA Development Agency (RAV): Your Gateway to Business Opportunities in Vojvodina, Serbia

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Vojvodina Development Agency (RAV) catalyzes economic growth and innovation in Vojvodina, focusing on encouraging foreign and domestic investments in the region. RAV provides professional services to companies investing in Vojvodina, supporting SMEs and foreign investors.

Direct Foreign Investments:

  • RAV offers advisory and operational support to foreign investors in Vojvodina.
  • We provide tailored solutions, maintain an investment location database, and assist in identifying domestic suppliers.

Support for SMEs and Domestic Investors:

  • RAV extends its support to domestic investors, offering guidance on state aid programs.
  • We actively participate in trade fairs to assist domestic companies in starting or expanding their exports.
  • Core functions include subsidizing eligible development projects for export-oriented companies.
  • RAV offers valuable advisory services on financing opportunities for further business growth.

Supplier's Days:

  • RAV is renowned for organizing Supplier Days, a significant event since 2017.
  • This initiative connects local and foreign companies with local suppliers across various industries.
  • It enhances local businesses, facilitates their entry into the supply chains of larger companies, and promotes exports.

Supplier Database:

  • RAV provides a Supplier Database on its website, simplifying the process for interested companies to find suppliers within Vojvodina and Serbia.

International Exhibitions:

  • The agency actively supports local companies by organizing exhibitions at international trade fairs.
  • Events include Automechanika in Frankfurt, EXPO REAL in Munich, Fruit Logistica in Berlin, and the China Outbound Travel & Tourism Market (COTTM).

MADRID Fruit attraction co-exhibitors:

1. AGROSOJ Agricultural cooperative - family-owned business founded in 2002. Produce cereals, vegetables, and fruits. The main vegetables farmed are onions and carrots

2. APPLE WORLD - Apple World doo is one of Serbia's largest and most advanced suppliers of high-quality table apples.

3. FORMA BM - is dedicated to producing healthy and quality apples according to high standards production methodology. 

4. Nedeljkov Agricultural household –family-owned business and since 2018, they have specialized in the production of mini watermelons and sweet potatoes

5. PANNONIAN FRUITS presents a newly established association of fruit producers, where Serbia's top players are joining forces as a regional brand. Delta Agrar, Ciric Company, Agrounija, Frueko, Al Rawafed, and other big fruit producers from the Vojvodina region.

6. PIK Becej- Flora Factory (frozen vegetables) is a proud MK Group member. We specialize in peas, sweet corn, and yellow/green beans, underscoring its agricultural expertise.

7. Rasadnik Bogdanovic was founded in 2006 as a family company. We have forty years of experience in the production of planting materials, designing and raising plants

8. Urban Organika is a modern aquaponics farm. They grow a variety of high-quality lettuce, herbs, and leafy greens all year round.

For more information, visit RAV's website at Fruit Attraction stand 8B17