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19 September 2023

Created in 2004, the DEMAIN LA TERRE association currently brings together 22 agricultural and fruit and vegetable companies.

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It is a committed movement in favor of a more sustainable and responsible agriculture. Founded on deep values of respect for people, the environment and the preservation of natural resources, the Demain la Terre association represents a strong commitment to a better future for our planet and future generations.

At the heart of Demain la Terre is a community of passionate farmers who share a common vision: to cultivate and produce in accordance with the three pillars of sustainable development (environment, economy and social) while guaranteeing food quality and safety. These farmers, pioneers in their practices, are key players in the transition to a more sustainable agriculture.

Launched in 2010, the Demain la Terre label guarantees all stakeholders, from distributors to consumers, high quality food products, produced in compliance with strict environmental and social standards. To engage the entire fruit and vegetable sector, the Demain la Terre label is suitable for all production methods: arboriculture, open ground, soilless, in greenhouses or under shelters.

The criteria for the Demain la Terre label are rigorous and cover various aspects of sustainable agriculture. They include the reduction in the use of phytosanitary products, the preservation of biodiversity, the protection of soil, the rational management of water, the reduction of the carbon footprint, the reduction of waste, sustainable economic relations with stakeholders and the development of a more humane society. All these criteria are checked annually by a third party organization with a view to continuous improvement of practices.

Demain la Terre producers benefit from personalized support to help them implement practices that respect the environment but also to continue their improvement. A committee of various experts in the sector advise them and help them optimize their production methods and adopt innovative agricultural techniques. This support promotes innovation and the exchange of good practices between producers, thus creating a collective dynamic favorable to deploying sustainable development in agriculture.

By choosing products with the Demain la Terre label, consumers actively support agriculture that preserves the health of our planet. They contribute to the preservation of biodiversity, to the fight against climate change, to the promotion of agricultural practices that respect the environment, but also to the well-being of producers and their employees.

Demain la Terre is much more than a simple label. It is a movement that allows its members to initiate their transition in favor of a more sustainable, economically efficient, socially acceptable agriculture and to be accompanied to succeed. More informations on

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