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19 September 2023

BLACK SEA IBERICA SL, walnut specialists

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BLACK SEA IBERICA SL, with more than 40 years in the nut and nut sector are our best guarantee to be one of the main suppliers of CASCARA NUTS in Europe.

The knowledge we have acquired over the years has made us a reference in the Spanish walnut market. We control and check all the quality processes from the harvesting of the walnuts to the bagging, in order to be able to offer our customers top quality walnuts.

We adapt to the requirements and conditions of our customers, in different formats (sacks, boxes, bigbags, buckets...) including the possibility of being able to pack with the brand name specified by the customer.

We work with the main producers in SPAIN, FRANCE, UNITED STATES, CHILE AND ARGENTINA and with the main varieties of walnuts, CHANDLER, HOWARD, FRANQUETTE, FERNOR...

We offer our customers different varieties of walnuts as well as different sizes. We have walnuts all year round, as the possibility of having walnuts from different origins allows us to supply walnuts all year round.

Being walnuts our main product, in BLACK SEA IBERICA we work with PEELED SUNFLOWER SEEDS, SQUASH SEEDS WITH HUSKS.

At Black Sea Iberica we also work with processed products, our main processed products are ROASTED ALMENDRUCO, ROASTED HAZELNUT AGRIETTE and ROASTED CHESTNUT.

As with walnuts, we strive to offer our customers a fresh and quality product, making small roasting runs but with high rotation so that our products always retain the best flavour.

In 2021 we obtained the IFS BROKER certification, which guarantees the quality standards in all the processes of purchase, sale and transport of the goods. From the collection of the product to the final delivery of the goods to our customers' warehouses.

This year as a novelty we will present at FRUIT ATRACTION 2023 - stand 8B00- our brand BSI French Walnut, Walnut selected from the best walnut producers in France, we have taken special care in the selection of producers as well as the different production areas and we will present at the FRUIT ATRACTION fair a walnut of excellent quality and will go with our brand BSI NOIX, with a new and attractive design of bag in 10 and 5 kgs.

If you want or need any further information please do not hesitate to contact us, either on our telephone number 947 428 378 378 or by email at and we invite you to visit our website