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19 September 2023

Baby leaf salads at zero residue for BELGRAVIA and new eco-pack

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A product is certified “Zero Residue” solely and exclusively when the phytosanitary residues are lower than 0.01 mg/kg (10 ppb) at harvest time, than at the consumption. No chemicals and natural residue are allowed on salads, neither the ones permit by organic law.

Belgravia is the first European company to bring to the table Zero Residue Certified baby leaf salads, a guarantee of love for people and the environment.

It is the result of outstanding work that, for 5 years, involved all the corporate departments, which worked tenaciously to revolutionize all the production processes with a single shared goal: respect the environment and people’s health.

The project is really challenging and it is going on, indeed, so far we achieved and guarantee 4 references at Zero Residue: Batavia Red and Green, Baby Spinach, Lamb Lettuce/Valerian and mix of them. One of the objective is to expand the range.

Important: the product is guaranteed all year round, not seasonally.

Moreover, in January 2023, we won with Zero Residue the International Private Label Award as products keen to innovation, sustainability and consumer’s health.

Furthermore, another new entry in baby leaf salads’ world: new ECO-PACK.

CARTON BOX for line, instead of plastic box and

TOP SEAL tray for lower grams, it reduces 81,5% of plastic compared to the usual wrap tray.

Belgravia is continuously working for high quality salads and create a trustful relationship with client, being a reliable partner.

Respecting the earth, we cultivate our future!

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