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01 September 2023

ASFERTGLOBAL, the birth of a new agriculture

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The excessive use of nutrients, particularly Nitrogen and Phosphorus, has emerged as a form of pollution, resulting in ecosystem damage. Approximately 80% of the Nitrogen present in fertilizers is lost to the environment through processes like soil erosion, leaching, atmospheric conversion, and other forms of waste. This not only deteriorates soil quality but also impacts water quality.

Asfertglobal, a Portuguese multinational company, manufactures biofertilizers and biostimulants based on the use of microorganisms and new organic molecules from natural sources, has developed and continues to research solutions to respond to these problems. It develops and manufactures solutions that involve the use of new methods of nutrient supply, such as the use of biofertilizers based on microorganisms that make nutrients bioavailable to the root system, without the need to apply synthetic fertilizers.

Kiplant Allgrip is composed of a microbial consortium - Bacillus megaterium, strain BS1 (CECT 30400) - 33.3%; Pseudomonas fluorescens, strain BS2 (CECT 30401) - 33.3%; Pseudomonas putida, strain BS3 (CECT 30402) - 33.3% - which decisively contribute to

- Phosphorus solubilization and increased assimilation efficiency of other nutrients;

- Increased biological activity in soils;

- Stimulation of plant root system development and growth;

- Increased productivity and production quality.

During the fermentation process of Kiplant AllGrip, secondary metabolites are produced, with direct action on the growth and productivity of crops, with consistent results in a wide variety of soils, thus allowing an effective reduction in the use of chemical synthesis fertilizers.

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