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19 September 2023

ALGHANIM AGRICULTURE GROUP has established the first high-tech hydroponic greenhouse in Egypt.

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In 2019, with the help of leading Dutch technology providers, AGA launched the first large-scale fully automated, and climate-controlled hydroponic greenhouse in Egypt, for the production of high-quality leafy greens and herbs.

Specialize in growing a wide range of leafy greens, including Tuscan kale, iceberg, lollo bionda/Rosso, teenleaf salanova, salatrio, butterhead, Batavia, and oakleaf, as well as herbs like dill, coriander, parsley, basil, and rucola. The focus is on premium varieties that are pesticide-free and offer consistent availability due to their year-round production. The UK, EU, and Gulf markets are the ones that we plan to target with our premium leafy greens and herbs.

Every crop planted at AGA’s farm is cared for with absolute precision. By controlling the entire process from seed selection to packing and cooling, we ensure quality at every step from farm to fork. And our produce is pesticide-free. We are keenly aware of the importance of sustainability and environmental protection. This is demonstrated by our fully automated greenhouse, which uses 95 percent less water than traditional farming. We also use recycled and eco-friendly materials in our packing, as well as in our production materials. with the aim of expanding these technologies and facilities in the future, both in Egypt and globally. 

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