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01 June 2023

AGROMILLORA, innovation

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Agromillora is synonymous with innovation, the search for continuous improvement, proposing solutions to the needs of the production sector, based on maximum quality and genetic and health safety.

Production costs, labour availability, water limitations, European green pact requirements... are challenges that growers face every day. In response to the current challenges in fruit growing, olive growing and vineyards, we propose genetics that adapt to more efficient, sustainable and profitable production systems for the producer.

In FRUTALES DE HUESO our proposal are two-dimensional systems, highly mechanisable, and with pedestrian or mechanical harvesting. This is possible thanks to dwarfing genetics such as the ROOTPAC series (ROOTPAC20, ROOTPAC40 and ROOTPACR). Mechanisation will allow us to be more efficient in thinning and pruning, in the application of phytosanitary products, and a much more worker-friendly or fully mechanised harvest.

For the new OLIVE TREE plantations we propose new varieties, with great organoleptic qualities and excellent productions, to continue producing in fully mechanised systems obtaining the highest quality EVOO oil. The new varieties LECCIANA (University of Bari) and CORIANA (University of Bari), which are already internationally recognised by the major players in the EVOO sector, are two excellent examples of the new wide range of varieties that are still to come.

In VIÑA, we are proposing new varieties resistant to diseases (mildew, oidium...) that allow for a reduction in phytosanitary treatments, and new rootstocks (M series) with improved qualities for drought resistance.

At CITRICO, we are also committed to a much more compact system than usual. With the CIVAC19 rootstock, we propose a hedgerow system that allows us to mechanise all the tasks and make harvesting 100% pedestrianised, reducing dependence on manual labour and, once again, achieving greater efficiency in treatments and the use of inputs.

In APPLE, we are committed to the new generation of GENEVA rootstocks, focusing mainly on rootstocks that are more resistant, such as Geneva 41, ideal for ecological apple tree plantations, for replanting and for all types of conduction systems.

In ALMENDRO, we are still committed to the hedgerow system with dwarfing rootstocks, 100% mechanised, highly productive, and with some 8000 ha already in production.

Our vocation has always been to seek solutions for the sector, from our improvement, from AGROMILLORA.

Innovation is in our nature.  More at

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