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27 April 2023

AGRIBUR presents oranges and mandarins without post-harvest treatment

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AGRIBUR is a family company specialised in the production, packaging, sale and distribution of oranges and mandarins, without post-harvest treatment, direct from the tree to your table.

"We deliver the best varieties of clementines (with and without leaves) and oranges to all corners of Europe after they have been carefully selected and packed by professionals specially trained for the development of their activity, from the harvest to their arrival at their destination".

Agribur's clients are located throughout Europe and they are competitive in international markets such as France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, England, Norway and Denmark. In their production centres they pack citrus fruit without post-harvest treatment, following the requirements of all the quality certificates we have: BRC, IFS, Global GAP, GRASP,...

Its clementine varieties are Clemenrubí: Its pulp has extraordinary organoleptic characteristics due to the good juice content and the excellent compensation of sugars, acids and aromatic compounds. Seedless. Marisol: good size and tender flesh with a high juice content that is slightly acidic. Seedless. Clemenvilla: Medium to large size. Reddish orange in colour, its skin is leathery and thin. It is attached to the pulp. Seedless. Ortanique: It is medium to large in size, very flattened in the stylar area. It is difficult to peel and always with great release of essential oils. The pulp is melting, with a high quantity of juice, with a good balance between acids and sugars. Oronules: The fruit is small, of an intense reddish orange colour; the pulp is tender, with a good juice content and a pleasant flavour. Clemenules: Mandarin with a high quality juice content. Seedless. Nadorcott: It is a late mandarin, it is in perfect conditions to be harvested in mid-February. Tango: seedless, very easy to peel, has a unique flavour with a high juice content.

As for orange varieties: Navelina orange: it is very productive and its flavour is very sweet, ideal for dessert.  Lane Late Orange: thin skin and less limonin. Valencia Late Orange: the most important orange in the world. This orange is slightly elongated, with a thin and consistent rind, the pulp has a very good colour and a high juice content. Navelate orange: juicy and very sweet. Powell Orange: excellent quality, seedless, intense orange colour.