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19 September 2023

ADESUR, love for the earth

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One of Adesur's main business objectives is to make responsible use of natural resources. We believe that profitability and eco-efficiency can go hand in hand.

This is why we are trying to influence almost all the processes of our organisation in order to be a little more committed to the environment. To this end, one of the first steps we took was to become certified in the Global Gap Sprint programme, adapting all our irrigation to its standards to, among other things, make good use of groundwater, protect natural water sources, provide legal compliance of extraction rates and, most importantly, optimise irrigation. We believe that water is and will be the most limiting factor in the sector, regulating our production and shaping our production strategies. That is why we are fully automating irrigation systems on those farms where there is a greater risk of water shortage. These systems are controlled automatically and are programmable via an App from any smartphone.

The irrigation system has humidity sensors that control the level of water in the soil, to avoid wasting water unnecessarily, helping to drastically reduce our production costs and improving the quality of our crops. Apart from the aforementioned soil moisture sensors, they incorporate pressure sensors, failure sensors, water conductivity sensors and self-cleaning filters to ensure that our fruit and vegetables enjoy the purest water possible, thus having a direct impact on the quality of the product, which is our main hallmark. These automatic irrigation systems are powered by solar energy so as not to depend on conventional combustion generators, thus saving pollutant gas emissions and reducing fuel costs. These processes were incorporated last year, and after finishing the winter campaign with Iceberg lettuce and the summer one with watermelon, we can say that it has been a complete success in terms of efficiency, profitability, in the quality of our crops and, above all, what is most important, in the optimisation of a scarce resource such as water. We work daily to offer the highest quality for our clients.

Adesur participates in Fruit Attraction at stand 7D03