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27 April 2023

ACTITURE, specialists in organic farming

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Actiture are producers and exporters of organic vegetables specialising in the cultivation of cauliflower and broccoli.

They adapt to the times and demands of consumers and are highly responsive and reactive to customer orders. They invest in innovation and development and in the best production techniques.

To guarantee the service and excellent quality of their products, since 2006 they have acquired the best farm in the Ebro Valley, where they have 400 hectares of fertile land with water for optimum production. If there is one thing that characterises them, it is that all their products are organic, they work preserving the flora and fauna of the environment. To do this, they use sustainable agricultural techniques, consume responsibly and seek the real flavour of the vegetables.

At Actiture they are producers and exporters of a wide variety of organic vegetables, specialising in the organic cultivation of cauliflower and broccoli, which allows them to maintain an extensive production calendar throughout the year.


Their crop par excellence and experience, they currently grow more than 400 ha. of organic broccoli throughout the year. Leaders in production and export in the north of Spain due to their capacity for adaptation, compliance with protocols and European quality standards.


The great adaptation of the crop in this area, together with their experience and selection of varieties, allows them to produce exceptional quality almost all year round. Every year they produce more than 120 hectares of organic cauliflower. And they are increasingly opting for CMS-free varieties.