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19 September 2023

A pioneering high-tech project developed by NOVAGRIC is breaking records with dimensions never seen before in the area.

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Novagric, a leader in advanced agricultural solutions, has carried out an innovative protected agriculture project in Almeria in close collaboration with Romenatur that marks a milestone for the industry in the area. The main objective is to improve both the production and the quality of the Palermo pepper and cucumber crops in a controlled environment to obtain a higher yield during the 12 months of the year.

"Right now there are no Palermo varieties that are specific for summer, that is why with this type of structure we can achieve this. We are looking to achieve stability in winter, seeking light and controlling all the environmental variants", Juan Miguel Romera, director and grower at Romenatur, affirms.

The project is being carried out on a farm near Almerimar where greenhouses have been built in two modules: one of 17,000 square metres and the other of 13 hectares.

During the development of this project, Novagric has faced several challenges, such as the installation of an unusual infrastructure in the area, the adaptation to the terrain and the climatic conditions of strong winds in Almeria. "People are amazed. We are talking about the first project that is being done in Almeria with these dimensions", says one of the people in charge of the project's assembly, surprised.

To this end, a reinforced greenhouse has been designed with a higher height than the known to house a greater volume of air, and technologies have been installed for precise control of parameters such as radiation, temperature, humidity and luminosity inside the greenhouse with vertical flow fans and screens, as well as fertigation and hydroponic irrigation systems that contribute to a 30% increase in productivity, says Juan Pardo, Novagric's technical manager for this project.

Although this is the first time Juan Miguel has worked on a high-tech farm, he has been advised on how to manage it efficiently and is enthusiastic about the benefits he is reaping. "In addition to improving production and quality, we also hope to optimise the management of the farm in all aspects. Lucas Herrador, commercial manager of the project at Novagric, experienced the early stages of the plant's development in this new structure: "We controlled all the parameters from the beginning in order to be able to reach the conclusion of what we had in mind, which was kilos and quality. This will result in the real amortisation of the project and the illusion that the client had. Thanks to the effort and dedication of the team, we have achieved a high-tech farm that has exceeded the client's expectations. 

"With this we are going to achieve a stable production during the 12 months of the year. With the other type of traditional structure, Raspa y amagado Almeria type, we couldn't reach the market. With this structure we can reach the market with sufficient quality and stability," concludes Juan Miguel. 

Novagric is proud of its contribution to the agricultural industry in Almeria and hopes that this project will serve as an inspiring example for future initiatives in the area. 
The close collaboration with the farmer and his success is what drives us to continue to strive to offer solutions that improve his work and, above all, to do things very well, says Lucas Herrador, Novagric's sales manager for this project, with great emotion. 

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