17 October 2022

How can tourism contribute to the regeneration of natural areas?

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FiturNext, the FITUR Observatory responsible for identifying, analysing and researching good tourism practices in terms of sustainability, has opened the call for applications for the 2023 Challenge dedicated to the conservation and improvement of the environment through tourism.

This year's Challenge is aligned with various Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and will reward those initiatives that are committed to tourism that promotes the regeneration of natural areas. Projects wishing to participate have until 1 June to do so by filling in this online form.

Three areas of action with positive impact

This year's call has three main focuses that highlight the importance of the 2023 Challenge and the role of initiatives within each area:

  • Projects with an impact on the terrestrial environment.
  • Projects with an impact on the aquatic environment.
  • Public or private organisations working for the regeneration of natural areas through the management and promotion of this type of action.

A Challenge with the planet at the centre

Today, we are at a point where action is essential and a priority to try to reduce climate change and promote the conservation of the natural environment. For this reason, the tourism sector must act and contribute to sustainable and regenerative tourism, a tourism that leaves the destination better than it was.

In this way, FiturNext 2023 highlights the importance of orienting the tourism offer to promote activities and services that address these aspects with the aim of getting travellers involved and participating in improving the planet and the local community.

Once again, the initiatives with the highest degree of replicability and impact, i.e. with a great capacity to be developed by other industry players with different resources and contexts, will be awarded during the next edition of FITUR, which will take place from 18 to 23 January 2023.

If you have an initiative that contributes to this challenge, apply and participate in the 2023 Challenge through this link!