05 February 2024

Revitalizing territories through connectivity, culture and authenticity: this is FITURNEXT 2024

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Yet another year FITUR comes to an end and with it the fifth edition of the FITURNEXT Observatory, this year focused on how tourism can contribute to revitalizing territories.

After four inspiring days, more than 600 attendees and 20 talks, FITURNEXT, sponsored by Enrique Tomás, closes its 2024 edition. Among all the presentations that have taken place throughout the program there was a common reflection: the territories at risk of depopulation have a potential equal to or greater than the reference tourist destinations.

Specifically, connectivity as a tool to attract travelers and increase partnerships between destinations, culture as the backbone of a territory that values local communities and authenticity, in the form of unique experiences that a destination can offer, were the conclusions shared by the speakers. Beyond tourism, these aspects contribute to the arrival of new residents, services and infrastructures that help to alleviate depopulation and revitalize territories.

Talks and speakers in a FITURNEXT program in style

Political authorities, initiatives and tourism experts participated throughout the program at FITUR in a series of presentations, round tables and dialogues. One of the highlights of this year's FITURNEXT program was the presence of political authorities and their contributions on territorial protection. Francesc Boya Alós, Secretary General for the Demographic Challenge, Ruben Torres, Delegate for Toledo Commissioner for the Demographic Challenge, Juan González Mellizo, Head of Communication of the European Commission Representation in Spain, participated in a round table that focused on the importance of implementing public policies that are committed to a positive impact on the territories.

Enrique Tomás, CEO of Enrique Tomás, sponsor of FITURNEXT 2024, led one of the highlights of the edition presenting the Belloturismo project, among friends and acquaintances.

The FITURNEXT program also featured the participation of the winning initiatives, Genalguacil Pueblo Museo, Recartografías and Camino del Cid, and finalists of the fifth edition in a series of inspiring talks. IMPULSA IGUALDAD, winner of the third edition of FITURNEXT with the Tur4ALL platform, was the protagonist of a dialogue on the development and progress of the organization that works for universal accessibility.

Finally, the Observatory organized a workshop with tourism students from different universities in the country who, using the Pentagrowth methodology, explored the tourism of the future to make a destination sustainable, innovative and inclusive.

Many thanks to all the speakers, sponsors, participants and FITUR for an inspiring edition!