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12 April 2018

ExpoÓptica 2018: a renewed fair for a growing sector

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The exhibition, organized by IFEMA, presents a fair model which is totally adapted to the demands of the optical and audiology sector, from 13 to 15 of April in IFEMA-Feria de Madrid

In this edition the contest will show off more digital, modern surroundings, with new national and international brands, focused on fashion - including content also aimed at driving the growth and setting up of new companies

Nearly 160 direct exhibitors and 170 brands participate in this edition, 14 percent more participants than in the previous event in 2016

ExpoÓptica, International Optics, Optometry and Audiology Exhibition, the professional fair of reference for the sector in the Iberian Peninsula and commercial point of contact for all its agents in Spain and Portugal, prepares its thirty second edition, which will be celebrated from 13 the 15 April in Feria de Madrid. The exhibition, organized by IFEMA, presents this year a renewed concept in line with the latest necessities of the market, incorporating a 14 por ciento more national and international brands of prestige, in addition to new and attractive content, which includes everything from the latest advances in the world of optics, optometry and audiology, to the new fashion proposals from the outstanding brands participating.

In particular, ExpoÓptica 2018 reunites 159 direct exhibiting companies and near 170 brands, who present their novelties and innovations, in professional surroundings which is key to getting their products known and to opening new channels of distribution, in a net surface of 4,879 m2, located in hall 9.

A complete set of offerings
The variety at ExpoÓptica includes everything from ophthalmic lenses, contact lenses, frames, sunglasses and optical instruments, to raw materials, optical equipment, furniture, machinery, cases, accessories, spare parts, maintenance products, computer science solutions for opticians, franchises, training… All in all, a complete panorama of this industry and the sectors of Optics, Optometry, Contactology, Ophtalmology, Vision Loss (Health), and Preparation for Points of sale. Added to all of this at our 32nd edition there is a wide range of products and services in the sector of Audiology, another of the key segments in the world of optics.

At the same time, the event offers an interesting evolution of its concept thanks to new technologies, which will make this fair more digital, in which social media will be protagonists, with active networks that will drive conversation and will project the image and products of the participating companies.

ExpoÓptica 2018 wins back great brands among its exhibitors
This edition of the event once again counts on the participation of great companies in the sector of Optics and Audiology. In Optics we can highlight, among others, Prats, Essilor, Indo, Optiwin, Zeiss, Topcon, Visual Global, Bausch & Lomb, Grupo Nos, Optiwell, Servilens, Centrostyle, Visionix, Panoptica, Conoptica, Eurolent, Jaytesa, Quiksilver, Mark' Ennovy, Tiwi, Recoletos, ABS. And in the sector of Audiology, Beltone, Interton, Bernafon, Otometrics, Widex, Audio Service, Inventis, Humangechnik, and Oticon, among others.

To the sizeable business participation at ExpoÓptica we add the renewed endorsement of the main associations and organizations of the sector, like the Spanish Federation of Associations in the Optics Sector, FEDAO; the Spanish Association of Manufacture, Commercialization and General Import of Optics and Ophtalmology, AEO; the General Council of Optical School Optometristas, CNOO, and the public interest association Vision and Life.

On the other hand, the fair will coincide with the International Congress of Optometry, Contactology and Ophthalmic Optics, OPTOM 2018, which is celebrated in the North Convention Centre of IFEMA.

Fashion, one of the points of interest at this edition
Fashion has a special protagonism in this edition of ExpoOptica, with the accomplishment for the second consecutive year of a specific area, called ModaÓptica, where all the highly-fashionable and well-designed models can be found, which aim to reflect a life style, as much in prescription frames, as in sunglasses.

In particular, in the ModaÓptica space the collections of both new and well established designers will come together with independent brands, with their exclusive creations and modern ideas, which are very focused on the latest trends, made sometimes with innovating, ecological materials, etc. A unique occasion to discover first hand the new tendencies in frames and design, before their launch on the market.

All the models collected in this space will be included in a catalogue for their later diffusion around opticians in Spain, Portugal and Latin America, expanding their circulation to potential consumers, as well as to the professionals and press specialized in optics and fashion.

An important novelty in this edition in the field of fashion is the celebration of the first Optics Gala, designed as a great celebration for exhibitors and visitors, where the designs and brands will be given - under the slogan "most trendy designs"- recognition in different categories for their design and their direction towards fashion and new trends in their products.

ExpoAudio, a new monographic sector dedicated to Audiology
This edition also counts on special protagonism in the sector of Audiology, with the launch of ExpoAudio as a monographic area within the framework of ExpoÓptica, where the most excellent new features of the this industry will meet. This new sector has arisen from the growth in the Audiology market in the last years and the increasing tendency from the optics establishments to offer a space dedicated to Audiology, together with ther optics and optometry facilities. At the moment, the specialized auditory centres concentrate 70 por ciento of the Audiology market, and the Optical sector contributes the other 30 por ciento.

As well as forming an important commercial supply for important brands in the sector, like Doro, Beltone, Interton, Bernafon, Otometrics, Widex, Audio Service, Inventis, Humangechnik and Oticon, and promoting the encounters between professionals, the first edition of ExpoAudio will also be an outstanding platform of knowledge, with the organization of infromative and training days. These days will deal with subjects such as the study of hearing, as well as diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the auditory upheavals in the context of a growing market, which demands product adaptation to improve auditory health.

In addition, the entrepreneurs interested in opening an audiology clinic, students who are finishing their training, and optics establishments who wish to extend their business, will find at ExpoAudio useful information that can help them to set up their clinic or to improve the one that they already have, on days such as “Solutions for the Auditory Clinic” and “Establish your clinic”. In the same way, ExpoAudio is collaborating with training centres, schools and universities to promote attendance of their students at the fair.

ExpoÓptica, with the sector
With the renewal of contents and the new concept of the fair that ExpoOptica presents in this edition, the exhibition aims to demonstrate its high sectorial representation, reuniting all the new features and tendencies necessary for updating professionals in optics and audiology in Spain. “IFEMA wishes to showcase this fair in the national Iberian market, and to show it as its best point of contact, a place to generate alliances and create businesses at a time when the Optics sector, Optometry and Audiology are growing steadily”, said Lola González, EXPOOPTICA director.

In addition, great companies that hadn't participated in this event for years will return to IFEMA. “With help from the the sector we have defined an event that reinforces the showcasing of new features and advances in technology and expert knowledge so that the professionals can find the very best and the most recent products during their visit, all in a dynamic space that is enhanced with scientific training and business management. What's more, we offer each company present different participation options adapted to their objectives”, adds Lola González.

Optics, a growing market
The optics sector closed 2017 with a turnover of 2,080 million euros, according to the data given to IFEMA by the GfK consultancy, on the occasion of the celebration of the 32nd edition of ExpoÓptica. This number is obtained from the sum of the turnover for the the Balearic Islands and the Peninsula for sales of prescription glasses, sun glasses, contact lenses and maintenance products, including VAT. Like in previous years, the ophthalmic lenses sector is the one that contributes half of this invoicing, followed by prescription glasses or frames, contact lenses, sun glasses and maintenance products

Among products sold by the optical sector, the ophthalmic lenses stand out for their importance, which not only contribute more than half of business, but also see their share grow year upon year. This increasing weight is due to to the great investment in R D I that companies of the sector have made in their products. More and more, the lenses stand out as they have better treatment to increase their resistance to impacts, to obtain a selective absorption of the blue light or with anti-reflective systems.
Today, the sector has a total of 9,817 optical clinics in operation - according to data from the sanitation registries of the 17 independent communities brought by FEDAO, Spanish Federation of Associations of the Optical Sector to IFEMA and maintains a constant rate of professionalization and focus on optometric services to resolve the great visual problems of its citizens. In Spain, around 54 por ciento of the population uses some type of vision correction, more specifically, more than 25 million people.

According to the latest data available from FEDAO, the market of users grows as the population ages. In fact, 93 por ciento of those over 55 years old require optical equipment to maintain good vision.

Tendencies in glasses and frames in ExpoÓptica 2018
EXPOÓPTICA constitutes a complete showcase of trends, a place to see the latest in glasses and frames. A very set trend for the new season is metallic framed glasses, combined with acetate in the top part of the front. The metal is used in its finest version and the acetate surprises with its versatility of colours and shapes, being hardened to be more practical.

As far as the shape goes, smoothed corners are favoured, with very thin bridges and arms with a retro or even futuristic feel. The ascending angles like cat-eyes and the perfect circumferences are trendy at the moment. As far as colours, pastel tones continue to be the most fashionable, although we are starting to see more red and earth tones.

In the sun glass frames, coloured lenses stand out and a strong trend, and as a novelty for this season chic and retro frames are introduced in white, inspired by the sixties and nineties and by groups like Nirvana.
Mirror lenses and linear silhouettes giving a futuristic look are back in vogue, inspired by films like the Matrix but with more colour and renewed for the twenty-first century. Also, vintage aviator models are still current and have been for various seasons, with coloured or polarized lenses.

In prescription glass, cat-eyes continue to be fashionable, although they are modernized with their angles, material or prints, and the rounded frames are at the moment an outstanding trend.

The advances of the sector, in the Gallery of Scientific and Technological Innovation
ExpoÓptica 2018 welcomes to its thirty-second edition, the second event of the Gallery of Scientific and Technological Innovation for the optics, ophthalmic, and optometry sector.

This gallery, which celebrated its first presentation in the previous edition of the exhibition, is organized by the IFEMA-ExpoÓptica and the National College of Optometrists (CGCOO), with the objective of offering recognition to the professionals and organizations which make up the world of investigation, contributing to the best knowledge in innovation of the optical sector, as much on the part of the companies and professionals of the sector, as by society in general. It is, in reality, a showcase of the R D I of this industry, where the most advanced products and services of the optometry and ophtalmic optics sector are shown.

A Committee of Experts, selected by the CGCOO, has been in charge of selecting the products and services developed by companies as well as public and private organisms, who have asked to participate in this second Gallery event and which mean a technological and scientific advance with respect to the already existing ones on the market. A unique opportunity for the optical-optometrists to know the latest technological advances that they will be able to use in their daily work, as much in the area of audiology as with optics.

The products or services are exhibited grouped in different categories, such as evaluation and diagnosis instruments; ophthalmic-optics; contact lenses; primary health care; vision loss and visual rehabilitation, among others.

The Gallery of Scientific Innovation is located in a space reserved for this in the same hall, number 9, where ExpoÓptica is celebrated. The participation in this gallery has been open to exhibitors, as well as to sponsors of the OPTOM Congress, as well as to companies connected to the sector.

The companies selected in this first edition of the Gallery of Scientific and Technological Innovation have been: Beltone, with its products Beltone Trust and Beltone Remote Care; Oticon, with Oticon Opn; Conóptica at Stand 9B03 presenting Life Experience, the new training concept, and finally, Audio Service, with the new Audio Service platform.

The Gallery of ExpoÓptica
The thirty-second edition of ExpoÓptica welcomes the third edition of the Gallery of ExpoÓptica, a space at the fair where a selection of exhibitors presents their brand's best products. On this occasion, six recognized companies from the audiology sector and five from the optical sector will participate in this attractive showcase with their best products. Zeiss will show the professional public the new standard of protection against solar radiation, that protects the eyelids from UVA rays; Jaytesa, its new brand, Macondo, made in Spain and inspired by old Italian craftsmen; Life Loft, its new collections and Natural Optics Group, the brand of glasses Antonio Miro Eyewear, in particular, its model JOYA SET 880, which comprises a collection that pays tribute to the summer and freedom. On the other hand, Optic View will show its new Retinoptic Cam, which will be very useful for optical professionals when exploring the ocular fundus.

Conóptica is the brand of reference for contact lenses that presents at this Gallery their Cleadew, a new maintenance system that improves contact lens comfort throughout day, since it is a biocompatible solution that does not cause corneal staining, normally associated with maintenance solutions.

With respect to audio, in the outstanding product Gallery at ExpoOptica, there will be companies like Oticon, which will present Oticon OPN; Medical Equipment Design who will show the new features of its Sennheiser brand; GN Hearing Care SAU., who will exhibit its range of headsets and electrical medical equipment; INVENTIS, who bring a new wireless handheld video otoscopes and AS Ibérica who will offer the Gallery its most innovative products.

25th edition of OPTOM Congress
Like at each edition, ExpoÓptica coincides with the celebration of the 25th International Optometry, Contactology and Ophthalmic-Optics Congress, OPTOM, an scientific-professional event with showcasing and international prestige, essential for specialists and experts in visual health, organized by the National College of Optometrists. National and international outstanding experts in the sector of Optics and Optometry participate in this edition of the congress, which will take palce from the 13 to the 15 of April in the North Convention Centre at Feria de Madrid.

During the event, the atendees will be able to brush up on their knowledge in the most pressing subjects of the day, like dry eyes, through discussions on the last published investigations, as well as new methods of correction for long-sightedness through the different performance strategies related to simultaneous vision. In addition, a global vision of near-sightedness as the the new pandemic of the 21st century will be facilitated, analyzing the most up to date evidence on its etiology, prevention and control.

The main key points for successfully adapting scleral contact lenses, as well as the different treatment options in the management of patients with strabismus, will also be presented at this edition of OPTOM; the use of the flashlight in detection of pathologies will be encouraged; the clinical aspects of the electrophysiology of binocular vision will be exaplained and how to apply good practice based on evidence within the optometric clinic will be discussed.

From the first event celebrated in 1970, OPTOM Congress has been perfecting and innovating its scientific program and its organization to consolidate itself as an international and national event of reference. OPTOM Congress's objective is to create a meeting place to exchange strategies for clinical performance in the scope of Optometry and ophthalmic Optics. In addition, it tries to incentivise leadership in visual health among eyesight professionals to substantially improve the clinical care they offer to the general public, now and in the immediate future.

During the celebration of ExpoÓptica the event will be open from 10 am to 8pm on the 13th and 14th, and from 10 am to 6 pm on Sunday 15th April.