ExpoÓptica Áreas

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What is ExpoAudio?

Within the framework of the show and for the second time, the audiology sector will once again have its monographic space aimed at professionals specialising in the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of hearing disorders.

EXPOAUDIO is the ideal place to get to know a sector in the process of change in which the latest developments in products, services and equipment to improve hearing health are showcased

The show provides professionals with initiatives and spaces where help, advice and information will be offered for those entrepreneurs interested in opening an audiology practice, either of an independent nature, or within an Optician's.

Taking into account that 30% of hearing aids are sold in opticians, the holding of EXPOOPTICA + EXPOAUDIO is the best commercial platform and meeting point to reach commercial agreements and promote future strategies for action.

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Moda Óptica

Expoóptica will present again - Moda Optica, a space in which models of glasses and frames will be shown, especially designed for people who prioritise aesthetics. In this way, ExpoOptica is the leading optical trade fair in Spain, echoing once again the growing trend in the market, of looking for carefully designed frames and sunglasses, reflecting a particular way of life.

This space conceived as a great Design Showcase will help you find everything from revolutionary and ingenious concepts, to the collections of renowned designers, classic readjusted and exclusive glasses, made from high-quality materials.

A space aimed at new and renowned designers and independent brands, with their exclusive, cutting-edge creations and with a highly fashionable touch.

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ExpoÓptica Forum and ExpoAudio Forum

Knowledge and training will once again be one of the leitmotivs of the workdays that will take place at the EXPOOPTICA Forum and EXPOAUDIO Forum.

A space to help improve overall training in optics and audiology and to meet the demands of the increasingly competitive sector where training sessions and dynamics related to the commercial area and management of establishments will take place.

This space is also available to participating companies wishing to make presentations of their products and/or services.