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08 April 2024

ExpoÓptica 2024 will welcome optic and audiology professionals with an important lineup of presentations

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Organised by IFEMA MADRID, Salón de Óptica y Optometría (Optics and Optometry Exhibition) from 12 to 14 April, will be a place for knowledge exchange with the FORO EXPOAUDIO and FORO EXPOÓPTICA (EXPOAUDIO and EXPOÓPTICA FORUMS). The event will host both the OPTOM and ANA Congresses.

ExpoÓptica - the Iberian Peninsula's leading event for the optics, optometry and audiology sectors - is organised by IFEMA MADRID. It will take place from 12 to 14 April and has announced a comprehensive programme of presentations designed for knowledge exchange and good practices, as well as showcasing the latest innovations and addressing the sector's challenges and opportunities.


The audiology forum will kick off in Hall 10 on Friday, 12 April at 10.30 with ‘Boost Your Business with Unitron’, followed by ‘Excellence in Reliability: The Pleasure of Hearing Without Difficulty’ at 11:30 with Phonak. At 12:30, it will be time for 'Paediatric Hearing Assessment', during which NATUL Medical Spain will explain the procedure and aspects to consider to make a good evaluation and prosthetic adaptation with the use of RECD. The first day will end at 13:30 with the presentation by AURAL WIDEX and its value proposition in the different types of collaboration.

On Saturday, 13 April at 10:30, GN Hearing will present ‘The smallest microRIE for greater intelligibility in noise’, explaining one of the latest developments in the sector. At 11.30, Phonak will share ‘Hearing well is feeling good: the direct relationship between hearing and well-being’, followed by ‘New Oticon Advances’ at 12.30 and ‘Boost your business with Unitron’ at 13.30 for those who did not attend the previous day. After lunch break, at 16.00, we will have ‘Activate the power of conversations with Signia Integrated Xperience’, where this company will present two hearing aids. From 18.00 to 19.00 there will be a presentation by AURAL WIDEX and, finally, the second day will end with ‘How "DO YOU SEE" your future? Employability in Optometry & Audiology’ with Gaceta Audio.

FORO EXPOAUDIO (EXPOAUDIO FORUM) will end on Sunday, 14 April at 11.30 with ‘Audiology Services’ when Natural Optics Group will present tools to enhance the audiology service.


Also in Hall 10, the forum focused on visual health will also present a fascinating programme of conferences and presentations for professionals. It will start on Friday, 12 April at 10:30 with ‘Get the most out of your Medmont Meridia Topographer', where the importance of the corneal topographer in optometric practice will be discussed, followed at 11:00 ‘Vision without limits! Rodenstock Transforms your Vision with Big Vision for All'. At 11.30, ‘Myopia control: an academic and clinical project by the FOOT and CUV’ in collaboration with Mariam El Gharbi, Enric González and Dr Joan Pérez. At 12.30, Raquel Rodríguez will present ‘How to make your patient, your client?’, and at 13.30 there will be a 'Round table with experts in business and marketing for opticians'. In the afternoon, the spotlight will be on new technologies with ‘How AI can help in the clinical management and profitability of your business’ by WIVI Vision, at 17.00 ‘Does your perspective adapt to new ways of communicating?’ with Atenea. At 18.30, Business Optom will present ‘Your optician's shop window can help you sell more with AI’ and at 19.10 it will be time for ‘Automate customer services at your optician's with a BOT’.

On Saturday, 13 April, the day will start at 10:30 with 'About multifocal lens refraction' focusing on streamlining multifocal lens fittings from Alcon Healthcare followed at 11.00 with ‘TOPCON solutions to discomfort associated with the use of the contact lens’. At 11.30 ‘The impact of AI on early detection’, where ULMA Medical Technologies will address the implementation of artificial intelligence-based solutions in optical establishments, for automatic analysis of retinal images, identifying the signs of the disease, and therefore facilitating early detection and preservation of vision. To cap off the morning, ‘Optical or man orchestrates’ with support from Natural Optics Group, will be a presentation by NOG services during which professionals can focus on optics. In the afternoon, at 16.00, a round table discussion, ‘The media talk about the world of optics’, will feature Jaime Cevallos from Moda en Gafas, José Martín from Optimoda, Julio Rozas from LookVision and Juan Collado from Gaceta Óptica will discuss the current state of the world of optics. At 16:30 in 'Facing New Visual Problems. Accept the Challenge' will analyse the new visual problems of patients and the new path that specialists must take together with AVS Low Vision. Finally, Business Optom will bring the second day to a close with a presentation ‘How to find your place as an Optometrist in the 21st century?’ from 18.30 to 20.00.

Finally, on Sunday, 14 April, FORO EXPOÓPTICA will have four presentations: ‘What if we were to look at the myopia of younger patients with other eyes?’, when Mark’ennovy – EVG will address new strategies that break with conventional methods, with a subscription that offers comprehensive visual health care for people with progressive myopia. Next will be ‘Conscious communication. effective communication’ sponsored by CIONE with specific recommendations to enhance communication with patients to improve satisfaction and profitability; and ‘The innovative service of prescription glasses in Spain, too’ by VISIOALQUILER. The final presentation is sponsored by Conóptica and entitled 'QuickSee Free: mobile autorefractors to boost your exams and sales'.

OPTOM Congress and ANA Congress

At the same time, ExpoÓptica will host two very important events for the sector during the fair. The first of these, the OPTOM 2024 Congress, will take place in the Centro de Convenciones Puerta Norte from 12 to 14 April on the subject of ‘The evolution of the visual system in species’, with lectures, plenary sessions and monographic courses. The second, on 13 April, will be held in the Sala Retiro at the Recinto Ferial. The Annual Congress of the Spanish Association of Hearing Aid Professionals (ANA) entitled “Let’s talk about Prosthetic Audiology”, will address three key areas: the training framework in Spain, news and innovations in the profession and the audiology and retail market.

Programme of activities:

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ExpoÓptica 2024 will be held in Hall 10 at IFEMA MADRID, all day from 10.00 to 20.00h on 12 and 13 April, and from 10.00 to 18.00 on 14 April.