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09 April 2024

ExpoÓptica 2024 counts down to its biennial meeting support from the trade media

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Organised by IFEMA MADRID, the Optics, Optometry and Audiology Fair will receive extensive coverage from the sector media from 12 to 14 April.

Specialised optometry, ophthalmic, optics, and audiology sector media on the Iberian Peninsula will support the 2024 edition of ExpoÓptica. The leading industry exhibition organised by IFEMA MADRID will be held from 12 to 14 April and will have more than 130 exhibitors.

The industry's specialised media, such as LookVision, Gaceta Audio, Gaceta de Optometría and Óptica Oftálmica,, IM Ópticas or 20/20 Magazine will be there to cover the event.

Media support for the optics and audiology sector

Nieves Herraiz, advertising director at Gaceta Audio, stressed that “for Gaceta Audio, it is an honour to be an active collaborator with IFEMA MADRID in the planning of this event, which is now the most important in the country—given our position as the largest communication platform, designing a plan that would encourage all market players to take part. The plan was accepted across the board, and it has become established for the last two editions to make this the most important audiology fair in our country. We will continue to ensure that Expo Audio is a meeting place for all audiology professionals in future editions.”

"Lookvision magazine is proud to lend its strong, unconditional support to ExpoÓptica as a crucial event for the optical community of the Iberian Peninsula in particular and the international industry in general. Through its commitment to presenting trends, innovative technologies and best practices in the industry, Lookvision highlights ExpoÓptica's utility as a platform for exchanging knowledge and experiences among professionals, manufacturers and distributors. We work together to promote sharing of good practices and trends to drive progress in the industry, strengthening the link between professionals and leading companies and fostering growth and excellence in the optical sector,” said Julio Rozas, director of Lookvision.

Media participation in the contents of ExpoÓptica 2024

The media plays a key role in these sectors in publishing information and analysis, data analysis, and educating consumers, professionals, and entrepreneurs on opportunities and risks. As a platform for advertising and marketing products and services, ExpoÓptica will organise seminars where journalists from specialised media will give a comprehensive perspective of the sector.

For example, on Saturday, 13 April at 16.00 at FORO EXPOAUDIO, the panel discussion ‘The media talks about the world of optics’ will be presented by Jaime Cevallos from Moda en Gafas, José Martín from Optimoda, while Julio Rozas from LookVision and Juan Collado from Gaceta Óptica will discuss the current state of the world of optics.

FORUM EXPOAUDIO will also close on Saturday, 13 April, with a conference by Gaceta Audio at 19:00 entitled ‘How do you "SEE" your future? Employability in Optometry & Audiology’. This conference will be an expert look at how vision and hearing form a functional unit in learning processes and current research that supports the importance of considering their integration and the advisability of evaluating them in optometric and audiological exams. The aim is to improve the quality of life by jointly addressing care for two essential senses.