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03 April 2024

ExpoÓptica 2024 is a meeting for all service providers in the optics and audiology sector

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Organised by IFEMA MADRID and scheduled to take place from 12 to 14 April, the optics, optometry and audiology fair will feature specialised software, equipment, and instrument suppliers.

It will also host training centres, which will present their programmes and methodologies.

Madrid, 3 April 2024. The Iberian Peninsula's leading optics, optometry and audiology trade fair is organised by IFEMA MADRID and will be held from 12 to 14 April. This will be the 34th edition of ExpoÓptica and it will be a major meeting for leading manufacturers and distributors, and an impressive range of industry service providers including specialised software developers and highly advanced equipment and instruments for audiology and optical centres.

Operational efficiency and personalised attention are among the advantages using software in optical and audiology centres.

Software designed for hearing and optical centres makes a great contribution to operational efficiency. Among the many improvements are enhanced customer management, more personalised patient care and inventory management, with the possibility of automating orders and optimising them to avoid product surpluses and shortages, scheduling appointments, etc. financial and billing management and producing reports and business analysis useful for making business decisions.

Among the specialised software companies working to meet the sector's needs at ExpoÓptica, it is worth mentioning Atenea, Audyum , Cosium , Deipe , Klinnic, OptiPlus, Opti Win and Temática, which will highlight their latest developments and give live demonstrations of how to use them in the day-to-day life of a business. Temática Software will sponsor Foro ExpoÓptica, where experts will address the sector's challenges and opportunities.

New generation equipment, crucial for improving the quality of life of people with vision and hearing problems

Optics and audiology equipment, which is technologically highly advanced, play a crucial role in the provision of quality services and customer service in specialised centres for sales and provision of services related to visual and hearing health.

Among these are diagnostic equipment used to perform tests such as optometers, tonometers, visual field screeners, otoscopes, audiograms, among others; manufacturing and assembly equipment; measurement and adjustment equipment to accurately measure lens graduation, adjust frames and calibrate hearing aids to each person’s hearing characteristics; treatment and rehabilitation equipment to provide visual and auditory therapies; and correction equipment, such as spectacle lenses and frames, contact lenses, hearing aids, hearing protectors, etc.

In this sense, many leading companies in the sector will exhibit their equipment and show their positive impact on the services and diagnostics offered such as Essilor Luxottica, Ergofocus Plus System, Matoptique, Mei, Moin Medical, Oftalmica Bonet, Optos, Visionix España and Wivi Vision.

In addition, as well as software solutions, equipment and instruments, there will also be a multitude of service providers that ensure the correct operation of optical and hearing centres at ExpoÓptica. One of these is ULMA Medical Technologies, which develops diagnostic and data analysis solutions based on Artificial Intelligence; SI Internacional, which will bring its wide range of products for optics adapted to the requirements of new crystals and modern treatments to IFEMA MADRID; FarmaMix Visión and Santén, specialising in eye health products based on hygiene, nutrition and eye drops; Lenzbox and its contact lens care solution; Dicosein, an optical accessories and accessories; Rayovac and its hearing aid batteries, and Aromas Fenpal, olfactory marketing specialists.

Training centres at ExpoÓptica 2024

Training is essential to ensure service quality, stay abreast of technological advances, improve technical skills, promote visual and hearing health, comply with legal regulations, and promote professional development of industry professionals. Lyceum Formación and Mope will participate in this new edition of ExpoÓptica, presenting their offer and training methodology.

ExpoÓptica 2024 will be held in Hall 10 at IFEMA MADRID and from 10.00 to 20.00 uninterruptedly on 12 and 13 April and from 10.00 to 18.00 on 14 April.