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  FORUM OF CITIES OF MADRID: new perspectives of urban transformation

Foto FORUM OF CITIES OF MADRID: new perspectives of urban transformation

Preview of the presentation programme

The third edition of the FORUM OF CITIES OF MADRID, organised by IFEMA, will take place from 13 to 15 June 2018 at Feria de Madrid. The organisers have presented a preview of the programme, with nine approaches to urban realities from different points of view. More than 50 cities and 60 collaborating entities are set to take part.

In a cross-cutting discourse, the programme relates aspects that have a high impact on our cities, and which most affect citizen welfare, combining a vision that will cover from the influence of the SDGS 2030 and new urban agendas (global, European and Spanish) with aspects linked to urban naturalization, mitigation of and adaptation to climate change, new emerging economies (collaborative, circular, green, blue…), social innovation processes, and new urban designs to make cities more habitable for humans, among other topics.

Ever since the first edition in 2014, citizens, human welfare, social innovation and habitability of the cities have taken centre stage at the Forum. Through presentations of good practices and in collaboration with more than 50 entities and networks of cities, visitors to the Forum will get a snapshot of the real progress of the cities committed to balancing quality of life and the limits on use and resource management.

The collaborating organizations include Madrid City Hall (the forum’s main sponsor); the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces, FEMP; the Union of Ibero-American Capital Cities, ICCU; the European Commission and UN-HABITAT; as well as other networks of cities such as UCLG, ICLEI, Network of Cities for Cycling and the Walking Cities Network. It is estimated that more than 50 Spanish, European and Iberomerican cities will take part.

The third edition of the FORUM OF THE CITIES OF MADRID will feature a panel of subjects whose focus will be progress in the implementation of the United Nations sustainable development goals, SDG 2030, in urban environments. Beyond the SDG 11, dedicated to promoting more sustainable, resilient and inclusive cities, it will analyse the implementation of the remaining SDGs with a direct relationship with the management of cities in areas such as climate change, innovation, responsible consumption, energy, mobility, water, education for sustainability, partnerships, etc.

Progress with the implementation of the new global Urban Agenda, adopted in 2016 at the HABITAT III in Quito (Ecuador); as well as the new European and Spanish Urban Agenda, will also be the subject of one of the sessions at the FORUM OF THE CITIES. The effects of climate change and urban resilience; examples of social innovation promoted by citizens, the renaturation of cities and green infrastructures, and new planning for the new cities, will be other prominent subjects on the agenda.

As well as this extensive programme, the forum will include special sessions on the circular economy and zero waste cities, and a space for debate on the new economic models that are being developed in urban environments, such as the collaborative economy, the common good, green, blue, silver (cities designed for the elderly), etc. The city conceived and designed by and for children will also be on the agenda of the Forum.

In addition, as a coda to this broad programme, CITY CAMPUS will bring in a dozen experts representing different universities and academic and research centres for a special day, to explain how they are changing knowledge of cities that professionals demand.

The conferences will be held simultaneously in three auditoriums. Public access is free and can be arranged through the IFEMA/FORUM OF THE CITIES OF MADRID website.

This event is part of the ENVIRONMENT AND SUSTAINABILITY FORUM, FSMS, which includes half a dozen meetings, trade fairs and meetings on the same date, such as the 19th International Town Planning and Environment Trade Fair (TECMA); the 6th International Recycling and Recovery Trade fair, SRR; the 3rd Hygiene & Cleaning Trade Show Fair, ESCLEAN, and ENVIFOOD Meeting Point.







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