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Advantajes of participating

Would you like to be an exhibitor at MEAT ATTRACTION? You will be able to achieve all of this:

  • Sales:
    Initiate, continue and/or secure sales deals with the distribution channel present at MEAT ATTRACTION .
    Generate and/or complete your data base with new contacts, which could lead to further sales.
  • Trade Contacts:
    Generate and agree to meetings with current and potential clients. 
    Exploit the distribution channel vertically and implement cross-selling measures.
    Boost customer and client loyalty vis-à-vis your products.
    Present new features and new strategies, canvassing client and customer opinions.
    Recover former customers and clients.
  • Distribution Channel:
    Identify and attract new partners and distributors around the world.
    Attend and provide coverage for current clients and suppliers.
    Build and promote a certain image in order to facilitate future agreements.
    Convince investors.
    Develop and open up new markets.
  • Market Studies:
    Test new products and services.
    Test marketing campaigns.
    Test brand image and perception.
  • Brand Positioning:
    Create and/or strengthen brand awareness.
    Position and/or re-position the brand.
    Carry out demonstrations and stage presentations for clients.
  • The Media:
    Stay in the news by generating media coverage and presenting new features that attract the media's attention.
    Maintain good relations with editors and reporters.
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