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Next edition 1-5 March 2017

Ministro de Educación, Cultura y Deporte


Guidance, Advice and Training to face the professional future.

As part of Education Week, Feria de Madrid organises AULA, the Educational Opportunities Exhibition.
Students have the chance to attend the event with their families and centres in order to receive advice from the educational sector concerning the important choice that faces them and which will enable their best transition into the job market.

More than 130,000 visitors attend the event to learn about the latest offers in university studies, languages, studies abroad, volunteer work, higher education, young entrepreneurs and student services.

To achieve this, the following areas have been created:

An important space for educational advice, dealing with the growing need for personalised and professional advice.

Enjoy the “Classroom Experiences”: free activities with high educational content and offering participation, yet another incentive to visit.

Spaces for Training and Information

Workshops for students, advisers, parents and educational management,...

Videos of the fair

Imágenes de la feria

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