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Vulky Presents Its New "Sabrina" Shoes

The children's and young people's footwear firm, Vulky, has kicked off the year by presenting a collection of casual-chic Sabrina shoes.

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Created in order to adapt to all and any eventualities that may arise during the year 2013, the new line of Sabrina-style models from this brand is made with soft prime-quality nubuck, replete with anti-slip heels and ergonomic designs that place the focus on comfort above all else. All the models are designed in simple plain colours (burgundy, chocolate, navy blue and dark green), highlighting their elegance and classic appeal.

The latest collection from Vulky has been created with prime-quality materials, including eco-friendly varieties of leather featuring natural finishes in nubuck and split leather. Here we come across a delicate combination of different textures created through the use of open-worked materials, braiding, embroidery ... We also find a careful selection of attractive adornments and amusing prints, accompanied by flexible soles, comfortable insoles, linings that enable the foot to breathe, Velcro fasteners and ergonomic shapes that guarantee comfort, protection and health for our children's feet. In short, Vulky offers us a collection packed with up-to-date designs for the youngest members of the household.




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