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Vivobarefoot Reaches Spain

The footwear models of Vivobarefoot have come to Spain in order to revolutionise the way Spaniards walk.

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Through the distributor, Footez, this brand of British origin has entered the Spanish market in order to position itself as one of the key points of reference with regard to high-comfort footwear. What makes Vivobarefoot shoes different is their ultra-slim, perforated, hard-wearing and patented sole, which enables the wearer to enjoy all the benefits of walking barefoot, but without the risks that this might entail. Vivobarefoot footwear is produced in a sustainable manner using recycled materials, materials of local origin and efficient and eco-friendly production methods in ethical factories featuring independent checks and controls.

According to the heads of Vivobarefoot, "70 per cent of your brain's information for movement comes from the nerves on the soles of your feet". In this respect, walking barefoot reduces injuries, preserves energy and improves technique. 




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