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Garvalín Denounces Two Cases in Which Its Biogateo Line Has Been Copied

The children's footwear firm, Garvalín, has initiated two law suits in order to protect its Biogateo patent in two possible cases of illegal copying.

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The shoes that make up the Biogateo line are designed specifically for young children who are at the crawling stage, the point at which they begin to walk. The bio-mechanical, ergonomic and physiological characteristics of these models are designed to cater for the development needs of young children at this stage. Among the innovative aspects of these shoes from Garvalín, we might mention a sole that features indentations of varying thickness, thus ensuring greater flexibility. The indentations extend right up to the toe, which makes these models especially recommendable for crawling, given that children exert all of the pressure during this stage on the dorsal region of the foot.

According to the company's Head of Communication, Ro García, "we are taking all of the necessary legal steps and we are going to continue working in order to ensure that this kind of unfair trading does not occur".

The models that allegedly copied the Garvalín system presented obvious similarities in terms of design. Nevertheless, Garvalín have warned that, although the appearance of these models may be practically identical to that of the original models, this does not mean that they offer the same stability, flexibility and light-weight appeal as the originals. 




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