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Joma: A Brand That Enjoys an Excellent Image

The sports footwear brand, Joma, ranks third on the international market with regard to its image.

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According to a report published recently by the consultants, Sport Panel, which specialises in the sports industry, only two brands, Nike and Adidas, from among one hundred other brands surpass the Spanish firm in this respect. Within an industry characterised by its increasing globalisation, Joma has earned itself a place amongst the most important names throughout the world. Furthermore, this brand from Toledo leads the ranking in terms of the increase in its market share with regard to 2011, based on a 38.61 per cent rise compared to the previous year. In addition, the brand has the leading image under the heading of football kits and is included in the top ten within other segments such as clothes manufacturing, where it occupies third place, and retail profitability, where it stands in fifth place.

Joma in Cuba

In addition, Joma has continued with its international expansion strategy. In this respect, in conjunction with a retailer in Cuba, the sports brand opened a new shop in Havana at the end of last October. The inauguration event was supported by a number of former world and Olympic champions such as Ana Fidelia Quiros and Javier Sotomayor, the best high jumper of all time, who still holds the world record (2.45 metres), which he achieved back in 1993 whilst wearing Joma clothing.




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