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Spanish footwear meets at Momad Shoes

More than 200 national and international footwear and accessories brands will take part in the fifth edition of the show, organised by IFEMA, presenting their collections for the Autumn-Winter 2018-19 season

In the first eleven months of the year, the Spanish footwear sector exported 2,500 million euros worth of shoes (148.1 million pairs), representing an increase of 1.5% in value and 2.6% in volume, compared to the same period of the previous year, according to data from the Federation of Spanish Footwear Industries (FICE). At the end of 2017, exports of Spanish leather goods amounted to 960.1 million euros, 4.71% more than in 2016

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The promotional venue MOMAD Forum will focus on the maximum use of digital resources, such as e-commerce and online marketing, with the aim of strengthening the business and maintaining brands competitiveness at an international level

Children from the Madrid Down Syndrome Foundation will model children 's shoes on the Momad Catwalk on Sunday 4 March at 12.00 h. This catwalk will host daily parades of the best collections in the Hall

MOMAD Shoes, the International Footwear and Accessories Show organised by IFEMA, is putting the final touches to its next edition, which will be held from 2-4 March at the IFEMA-Feria de Madrid. This is a new call for the commercial platform of the Spanish footwear industry, which will once again bring together prominent national and international buyers to show them the latest proposals in fashion, design and innovation, with over 200 brands taking part.

The offering the show will bring together includes all market segments, represented by Women’s, Men's, Kids and Infants' Footwear, in the Contemporary, Casual and Urban sectors and point of sale Services.

Among the brands participating in this edition, are prominent names from the national industry, such as Pons Quintana, Pertini, Wonders, Gioseppo, Chie Mihara, Xti, Chika10, Hommers, Hannibal Laguna, Vidorreta, Victoria, Sixty Seven, Robert Pietri, Baltarini, Mayoral, Sendra Boots and Calmoda, among others.

Valencia will be the most widely represented Spanish region at this fifth edition of MOMAD Shoes, followed by Castile-La Mancha, Catalonia and the Balearic Islands.

As in previous editions, the show has organised a programme of national and international buyers, with the participation of forty professionals from Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Estonia, France, Greece, Guatemala, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Russia and Turkey.

A comprehensive schedule of activities
In parallel with its commercial offering, MOMAD Shoes has a wide range of activities that will be carried out alongside the fair's own commercial activity. The agenda includes lectures, exhibitions, competitions and parades, designed to make the experience of the professional visitor more complete, and who will also find a leisure and rest area in the Winter Terrace, located in the centre of hall 4.

Among these a new edition of the MOMAD Forum will be featured - an outreach area of the show that will focus on the digitisation of retail as an essential element for growth, and embracing, among other presentations, how to manage online advertising; how to achieve immediate delivery of products; how to gain a presence in international markets; the personalisation of e-commerce, as well as the latest research focused on achieving more sustainable production processes.
The MOMAD Forum will also host the presentation of the new fashion trends for the coming Autumn-Winter 2018/19 season, which the company Sartia will be in charge of.

Sustainable Fashion at MOMAD Shoes
In addition, the MOMAD Forum will also include specific content on Sustainable Fashion on Saturday 3 March. Specifically, three presentations will address throughout the day aspects related to the processes and mechanisms that contribute to footwear companies applying parameters that bring them closer to a production mode that respects the environment.

And, we will be talking about alternative forms of financing in business micromanagement. Collective factoring, by Manuel Durán, from the company Pro Hub Fashion, who will propose a theoretical-practical vision of financing through crowdfunding. In Processes that increase the sustainability applied to footwear, Ana Belén Muñoz Milán, who is responsible for the Department of the Environment of the Technological Institute of Footwear and Related Products (INESCOP), will report on the lines of research carried out and the services for the development of more sustainable products and processes. Finally, Marina López, president of the Association of Sustainable Fashion of Spain (AMSE) will raise the subject of Risks for the footwear industry environment.

Both INESCOP and AMSE will have stands at MOMAD Shoes, through which they will provide information about their research and raise the profiles of their associates’ proposals, respectively.

Children’s footwear parade with children from the Madrid Down Syndrome Foundation
In addition, the fifth edition of MOMAD Shoes will include daily parades on the MOMAD Catwalk, in which brands taking part in the show will participate. One of these parades is of children's footwear, in collaboration with the Madrid Down Syndrome Foundation, which will be held on Sunday, March 4 at 12.00, in which children with Down syndrome or other intellectual disabilities will participate. Children without disabilities will also participate in this inclusive activity, which has had an excellent reception in previous editions of MOMAD Shoes. The designs of the participants in the XXII edition of the Internacional Lápiz de Oro Contest (Stand 4D29), organised by the La Torreta Institute of Elche, will also have their own catwalk presentation.

Handbags with history exhibitions and new talent
MOMAD Shoes will host several displays in the exhibition area, on the world of footwear and accessories, including one dedicated to the handbags of the "Belle Epoque", a period known for its technological progress and artistic vitality that left its mark on the world of Fashion. (Aisle E). Also, the Winter Terrace will include Encajarte, a unique display of customised shoe boxes, as well as the Child Footwear Collections Exhibition, containing the most current designs to dress the feet of little ones.

Similarly, emerging talent will also have an area in MOMAD Shoes.
So, we’ll be able to see the works participating in the XXII edition of the Internacional Lápiz de Oro Contest (Stand 4D29), organised by the La Torreta Institute, and also find out about the proposals of the two winners of the II Talent Competition #MOMADTALENTS (Stand 4F04F) , a contest organized by MOMAD and aimed at designers and companies with less than two years’ experience who are seeking to strengthen their position in the world of fashion. The winners participate by exhibiting their collection at MOMAD Shoes for free, on a shared stand.

Spanish footwear, in figures
The Spanish Footwear foreign sector showed an increase in its results from January to November 2017. In the first three months of the year, footwear exports reached €843 million (148.1 million pairs), representing a drop of 1.5% in pairs and a 2.6 % fall in revenue compared to the same period last year. The firm commitment of Spanish footwear to diversify its markets outside the European Union again had positive effects in the first eleven months of 2017. This is confirmed by the data provided by the Federation of Spanish Footwear Industries (FICE), at the fifth edition of MOMAD Shoes.

Within the development of Spanish Footwear exports, the upturn of those to Germany stands out at community level as the third destination for Spanish footwear, with an increase of more than 8 percent, while Italy -second client of Spain-, Portugal -fifth-, and the Netherlands and Greece -10th-, maintained positive growth rates during virtually the whole year. In non-EU markets, Spanish footwear continued to increase in terms of sales volumes, reaching growth in excess of 10% in the United States, Spain’s fourth customer and tenth in China (the People’s Republic), in the ranking for Spanish purchases. The increase in sales of 48% to New Zealand, 30% to Russia, 11% to Canada and 7%, to South Korea is extremely notable.

With regard to imports, in the first nine months of 2017, 246.2 million pairs of shoes worth 2,315.2 million euros entered our country. These figures reflect an increase of 1.4% in pairs and 3.6% in value, according to FICE data.

China continues to lead the list of footwear suppliers to the Spanish market. In the first nine months of 2017 Spain imported a total of 153.4 million pairs from the Asian giant, worth 825.5 million euros.

Spanish leather goods in figures
On the other hand, at the end of 2017, exports of Spanish leather goods amounted to 960.1 million euros, 4.71% more than in 2016, according to data provided by the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Leather Goods (ASEFMA).

In this period, France, Italy, Portugal, the United Kingdom and Germany were the main buyers of Spanish leather goods in the EU market. In the rest of the world, Japan, China, the United States and Mexico were once again the main customers.
By type of article, those that registered the highest volume of exports, in this order, were handbags, clothing, small leather goods and belts.

With respect to imports, in the period from January to November 2017, Spain bought overseas leather goods worth 976.4 million euros, which represents a slight decrease compared to the previous year.

MOMAD Shoes presents the new trends.
The company Sartia, a leader in advice and training in the fashion sector, will promote next season’s trends at MOMAD Shoes.

Women's footwear for the Autumn-Winter 2018/19 season bases its designs on comfort, practicality and versatility, for both day and night. Some of the key features that define the new proposals are the reinterpretation of classic models, the midi stiletto heel, multiple straps and narrow wedges, which provide a sensual backdrop without sacrificing comfort. At the same time, bent heels, which provide versatility, are on the increase.
Both formal and casual flats are becoming popular too.

For men, sports-inspired styles continue to be prominent and even more important, although the designs show an inclination towards the silhouettes that portray a smooth Punk image. A key trend of the season will be the Derby styles - classic lace-ups - that include detail at the top, and are made with stylish materials, updating this classic look.

As for boots, the monkey style - thick soles and laces - have been brought up to date with influences from outdoor styles and with a mod-style sole. The Creeper or Frankenstein style shoe is evolving towards an informal look.

In the sports line for men and women, the key points will be insulating makes, the cupsole sole, runner profiles, handcrafted design and knitted fabrics, which continue to be popular.

During the event, MOMAD Shoes will have a continuous schedule from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. in its first two days on Friday 2 and Saturday 3, and from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., on Sunday, March 4.




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