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05 February 2019

MOTORTEC AUTOMECHANIKA MADRID 2019 provides maximum visibility for industrial vehicles

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The Trade Fair creates the MOTOR TRUCK area and schedules the First Congress of Industrial Vehicle Multiple Aftermarket Shops and, with the collaboration of Grupo Cojalí, organises the Truck Challenge Competition

The Industrial Vehicle aftermarket segment will have a special place at MOTORTEC AUTOMECHANIKA MADRID 2019, the 15th edition of Spain’s Leading International Trade Fair for the Automotive Industry, targeting trade visitors from the Iberian Peninsula, Latin America and North Africa, organised by IFEMA, to be held at Feria de Madrid, from 13 to 16 March. The new fair area MOTOR TRUCK; the First Conference on Industrial Vehicle Multiple Aftersales Shops and the Truck Challenge Competition by the Grupo Cojalí are key to the role this sector will play within the Trade Fair.

MOTOR TRUCK was created in order to provide maximum visibility to the industrial vehicle aftermarket. Therefore, it will have its own properly identified area within MOTORTEC AUTOMECHANIKA MADRID. This new area is aimed for professionals in the spare parts, repair, and shop equipment professionals, as well as their clients, such as freight and passenger carriers, direct aftermarket consumers. 

Especially important is the first Congress of Industrial Vehicle Multiple Aftermarket Shops, which will analyse the maintenance and repair trends for industrial vehicles, from the perspective and challenges of the new passenger and freight mobility. This Congress will also be the setting for the presentation of a new industry study on “The Industrial vehicle shops and maintenance market in Spain”.

Within this context, the Grupo Cojalí, exhibitor at MOTORTEC AUTOMECHANIKA MADRID, also works towards promoting the industrial vehicle aftermarket, by organising the "Truck Challenge” alongside the Trade Fair. This is an educational program that seeks to promote technical professionalisation in industrial vehicle repair and maintenance operations. Inscriptions are taken until the 18 February, at 11:00 am, at the following link:

The Cojali stand will have four drivable tractor heads, which will allow participants to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. The Competition aims to recognise and identify the best industrial vehicle mechanic in Spain and it will be open to all of the sector professionals related to shops, repair and maintenance of industrial vehicles. 

The competition will be divided into three stages, which will all have to be successfully completed in order to claim victory: The first is a theory test, comprised of 20 multiple-choice questions on electromechanics; the second stage is the resolution of a practical case that will be revealed to each contestant when the test begins and, lastly, the third is a practical test where participants will rotate taking turns at each of the four trucks available for the test. 

. About Grupo Cojali

COJALI is a Spanish multinational company that manufactures components and diagnostics for industrial vehicles. With head offices at Campo de Criptana, it has over 25 years of experience. Contained within Grupo COJALI are complementary shop equipment brands, such as COFAN for industrial supply, or Jaltest as diagnostics equipment, along with the COJALI spare parts. All of them providing the best service, thanks to the great staffing teams in all of the group companies. COJALI is currently a consolidated brand in over 100 countries around the world, providing confidence and commitment that the product that is exported has the maximum warranty and quality. For further information, please visit

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