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22 January 2019

MOTORTEC AUTOMECHANIKA MADRID 2019 is committed to innovation

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The Innovation Gallery will present the latest in industry technology

MOTORTEC AUTOMECHANIKA MADRID 2019 is again committed to innovative R D in the component industry, through a new edition of the Innovation Gallery. A selection of the newest solutions, products and services showcased by the exhibiting companies at the 15th edition of Spain’s Leading International Trade Fair for the Automotive Industry, targeting trade visitors from the Iberian Peninsula, Latin America and North Africa, will be widely visible in the area set up to this purpose. The event, organised by IFEMA, will take place from the 13 to 16 March, at Feria de Madrid.

SERNAUTO, Spanish Association of Automotive Suppliers, actively participated in this edition, by designing the Innovation Gallery and the configuration of the various categories, adapting them to current market reality.

A Jury panel comprised of experts will select three from each of the 10 categories, from among all of the products and services submitted: Award, Mention and Selection plus another special award for innovation in industrial vehicles. The 31 new items chosen by the Jury panel will be exhibited in the Innovation Gallery, located at Hall 7, in a new area measuring over 500 m2, amply exceeding the presentations from previous years.

This time, for the first time and due to the fifteenth edition of MOTORTEC AUTOMECHANIKA MADRID, an awards gala ceremony will take place on the 13 March, at 6:30 pm.

Exhibitors interested in participating in the Innovation Gallery 2019 may register on the Motortec website – - , up until the 22 January. Visitors will have the chance to see the chosen products once the Trade Fair begins. The award winners will be announced at the Awards Gala Ceremony.

The purpose of the Innovation Gallery Awards, within the MOTORTEC AUTOMECHANIKA MADRID Fair, is to promote the innovative and avant-garde nature of the products and services presented at each edition of the Trade Fair. The Innovation Gallery Awards aim to promote innovation as a practical application of knowledge and technologies in industrial development, as well as to highlight and publicise the most significant progress in the sector. The hard work and investment in research, development and innovation by automotive companies is thus recognised. Therefore, the Innovation Gallery Awards are an additional tool at the service of exhibiting companies, offering new areas that contribute towards generating business impact capable of maximising investment returns from the Trade Fair; as well as showing the innovative dynamics, technological strength and avant-garde nature of its companies. The Innovation Gallery Awards aim to boost, promote and disseminate products and services that stand out for adding new technological, design, organisational, functional or instrumental elements, capable of introducing improvements to the performance of some of the competing categories.



The Innovation Gallery categories are:

1. AUTONOMOUS, CONNECTED AND SAFER MOBILITY: artificial intelligence, cyber-security, advanced ADAS, V2X cooperative systems, HMI (human-machine interface), info-entertainment systems, etc. It also includes new business models and mobility services platforms.

2. ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS: lighting, instrumentation, sensorisation, engine management systems, electrical equipment, control units, etc.

3. MECHANICAL COMPONENTS: innovation pertaining to the engine, gear box, steering, suspension and any other mechanical element.

4. MAINTENANCE COMPONENTS: those elements that must be checked after a certain mileage, within preventive vehicle maintenance pursuant to manufacturer specifications, such as: oil, spark plugs, shock-absorbers, filters, brakes, tires, timing belt, etc.

5. SHOP EQUIPMENT AND TOOLS: equipment for checking and measuring, tire installation, work clothes, elevators, tools, etc.

6. ALTERNATIVE ENERGY: solutions and technology focusing on sustainable mobility (electrical vehicle, hybrid vehicle, natural gas, hydrogen, etc.) PRESENTATION AND OBJECTIVES Motortec Automechanika Madrid 2019 announces the Innovation Gallery Awards.

7. SERVICE AND WASH STATIONS: car washes, fuel, lubricants, equipment for service stations, storage and recharging with alternative fuels, etc.

8. CIRCULAR ECONOMY: remanufactured products, energy recovery, eco-design, reuse and recycling of raw materials, etc.

9. BODY COMPONENTS: paint, windshields, lights, body panels and elements, etc.

10. SERVICES OR PLATFORMS FOR SHOP MANAGEMENT, TRAINING, DIAGNOSTICS AND INFORMATION: computerised solutions for sales, revisions and repairs, appraisals of incidents, diagnostics equipment, etc. PARTICIPATION PROCEDURE


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